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Abortion is Murder, 9-14, February 3, 2012

Formerly Stop the Killing of Young People (skyp) and soon, perhaps, Stop Killing Preemies

February 3, 2012 Vol. 9 No. 14
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John Dunkle, Editor

Abortion is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to baby murder, is sent out at least once a month. If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go to the website. Faxes and emails are free but snail-mail is free only for PFCs, $100 for others.
Because I believe we should examine every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect those being tortured to death, I want to hear from people who’ve been forceful and from those who defend them.. I’d also like to hear from those prolifers and pro-deathers who call force violence.

Prisoners for Christ:

1. Evans, Paul Ross 83230-180, USP McCreary, P.O. Box 3000, Pine Knot, KY 42635
2. Gibbons, Linda, Vanier WDC, 655 Martin St., P.O. Box 1040, Milton, ON, Canada L9T 5E6
3. Griffin, Michael 310249, 5914 Jeff Ates Rd., Milton, FL 32583-0000
4. Jordi, Stephen 70309-004, FCI P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute IN 47802 6/30
5. Knight, Peter James, P.O. Box 376, Laverton, Victoria, Australia
6. Kopp, James 11761-055, USP Canaan, P.O. Box 300, 3057 Easton Tpk., Waymart, PA 18472
7. Little, David SJRCC, 930 Old Black River Road, Saint John, NB E2J 4T3
8. Moose, Justin 27494-057 FCI Talladega, P.O. Box 1000, Talladega, AL 35160
9. Richardson, Alonzo Lee 12898-021, CCM, 716 McDonough Blvd. SE, Atlanta, GA 30315
10. Roeder, Scott P. 65192, PO Box 2, Lansing Kansas 66043
11. Rudolph, Eric 18282-058 US Pen. Max, Box 8500, Florence CO 81226-8500
12. Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A, P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093 3/31
13. Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, United States Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg PA 17837

Even though it’s a shameful sin to abandon defenseless victims to their attackers, it’s a far worse sin when you attempt to pass the blame for that sin onto God by claiming that’s what he wanted you to do. And that’s precisely what so many people have done with their rejection of God’s clear and sensible instructions to defend the defenseless, and with their pretenses and fake excuses for rejecting those instructions. Pride is a terrible thing when it leads you to deny your own sin and instead say that God sinned. Peter James Knight

I should complete “The New Abortion Providers” next issue. Here we find out where the money behind this new push to entrench baby killing for another forty years came from. And it came from, it come from . . . Warren Buffett, who is now resting in peace, or maybe not.

IN 1999, UTA LANDY, a former director of the National Abortion Federation, and Philip Darney, her husband and an OB-GYN professor at U.C.S.F., created the Kenneth J. Ryan Residency Training Program. The program gives medical schools two or three years of seed money for abortion training for OB-GYN residents. Through it, 58 campuses in the U.S. and Canada have received financing. Landy also directs the Family Planning Fellowship, with Jody Steinauer as the associate director.
When I e-mailed Landy in January to set up an interview, she wrote back that her policy is not to speak to the press. Steinauer explained that the organization fears that the publicity might scare away a university considering a Ryan or fellowship grant. Or it might spook the donor, other doctors told me.
The money for the Ryan and the Family Planning Fellowship comes from one foundation and from one family. The donor has chosen to remain anonymous, which helps to explain why there's been so little publicity about the pro-choice strategy of bringing abortion into academic medicine. It has been covered by a veil of semi secrecy.
At the same time, as the Ryan and the fellowship have expanded to dozens of institutions, many people have come to know about the source of funding. In the course of my reporting, two doctors who had not done the fellowship themselves, but who work in universities, volunteered to me that the money for the programs comes from the Buffett Foundation. They meant the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation.
Susan Thompson Buffett was married to Warren Buffett and served as president of the foundation that bears her name. She died in 2004. Two years later, Warren Buffett gave the foundation about $3 billion. He said that he expected the gift to increase the foundation's annual expenditures by $150 million. And in fact, total giving by the foundation, where two of the Buffetts' children sit on the board, increased from $202 million in 2007 to $347 million in 2008, according to tax returns.
The tax records also show that most of the foundation's spending goes to abortion and contraception advocacy and research. According to Access Philanthropy, a research institute that focuses on the giving preferences of foundations and corporate donors, family planning is one of the Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation's main purposes. The foundation's nonprofit 990 tax form shows that in 2008, Planned Parenthood and its affiliates in the U.S. received about $45 million; the international arm of the organization got about $8 million. There is no line item for the Ryan program or the Family Planning Fellowship. But the foundation paid out around $50 million to universities with one or both of the programs.
Warren Buffett has never spoken publicly about his views on abortion. But in the 1990s, according to The Wall Street Journal, the Buffett Foundation helped finance the research and development of the pills that induce abortion. The foundation also helped finance a lawsuit to overturn the ban on so-called partial-birth abortion in Nebraska, Buffett's home state and the headquarters of his company, Berkshire Hathaway. (Susan Thompson Buffett moved from Omaha to San Francisco in 1977 but remained close to her husband. She took credit for introducing him to the woman he has lived with since 1978; the three sent out Christmas cards together.) In Thompson Buffett's only television interview, which was broadcast after her death, she told Charlie Rose: ''Warren feels that women all over the world get shortchanged. That's why he's so pro-choice.''
Buffett hasn't been a target of heated protest -- his plainspoken Midwestern persona and his enormous wealth may make him the wrong enemy for anti-abortion advocates. But in 2001, a right-wing activist named Thomas Strobhar showed up at Berkshire Hathaway's annual meeting with a shareholder resolution objecting to donations to Planned Parenthood, via a program that allowed shareholders to make gifts through the company to charitable organizations of their choice. Buffett ended the giving program two years later.
In 2006, Buffett announced his $3 billion gift to the foundation in a letter that's written in a kind of code. He and his late wife had established the foundation, he wrote, ''to focus intensely on important societal problems that had very limited funding constituencies.''
''You mean you didn't know Warren Buffett's foundation has been funding abortion-rights organizations?'' NPR reported at the time. ''Well, that's just the way the Buffetts wanted it.'' The Web sites for the Family Planning Fellowship and the Ryan program are also discreet. A private log-in is required to read more than basic information.
The foundation could have been straightforward about its work from the start. Instead, according to some doctors involved with the programs, a low profile eased the way for universities to sign on for the fellowship and the Ryan. Landy and others administrating the grant programs continue to express concerns about the implications of publicity (including this article). Buffett and Allen Greenberg, the director of the foundation, and Buffett's former son-in-law, declined to speak to me on the record.
And yet for all the anxiety about being in the spotlight, the surprising truth is that however embattled abortion remains in America at large, at the top of academic medicine, the structure built to support it looks secure. David Grimes, the researcher, is on the committee that chooses the Family Planning fellow at his university, and this year, he said, there were so many well-qualified candidates that they turned some down. Grimes surveys the terrain — the annual meetings with presentations of top-flight research, the schools where Medical Students for Choice and residency training and the Family Planning Fellowship are flourishing — and says with satisfaction: “A few things have happened to turn it all around. Thanks to the donor, I think it’s all here to stay.”
Medical schools that host the Ryan and the fellowship have, however, experienced the occasional protest. Last fall, an anti-abortion newsletter reported that the Family Planning Fellowship had come to Washington University in St. Louis. (In fact, the fellowship began there in 2007.) The author, Joe Ortwerth, posted the names and mailing addresses of key “decision makers,” including the chancellor and chairman of the board of Washington University. “You may wish to contact them to urge that they put an end to this shameful and insidious relationship with Planned Parenthood,” Ortwerth wrote. “Please pray for them as you send such messages that they will receive your communication with an open heart.” The newsletter later reported that the Family Planning Fellowship had posted on its Web site that Wash. U. was running the fellowship in collaboration with St. Louis University, a Catholic school.
In The St. Louis Post-Dispatch, St. Louis University denied any involvement. Washington University apologized for the mention of St. Louis University on the fellowship Web site. In a letter to the editor published in The Post-Dispatch, Ortwerth wrote, “It is shameful for Washington University to attempt to dignify the dirty business of abortion by awarding academic fellowships to future abortionists.”
The flap ended there, and Washington stuck with the fellowship. Still, such controversy isn’t welcome at most universities. (tbc)

Stephen Jordi is due for release soon. He’ll be looking for work:

Hello...How are ya? Well...there's a verse that goes...If a man would not work, neither should he eat. I like to eat...a lot...therefore, If A=B, and B=C then C=A !
I'm going to be looking for work shortly, and wonder if anyone knows how I might get some, or 'extra' work ( work at home?) doing 'Patents '. In USP McQueary, Kentucky I used to do high-level patents, and was good at it. All the different departments used to fight over me to work for them. There was lots of extra overtime as I could work any or all the different aspects entailed in the work.
Anyway, is there a company out there that would hire me to do the same? I'm sure there is but I don't know the details...would there be a brick-and-mortar business or would they just send the patent paper files for me to correct and file electronically?
In related work there are medical forms that now get electronically formatted -- but I know little more then that this exists. I'm interested in any type of work ideas you might submit, but especially curious about the stay-at-home variety if it preparation?
I'm groping for ideas now...I'm sure the patent idea would involve a refresher course and probably pay-per-page depending on the difficulty of the materials...but I'm guessing here. So, any ideas would be wonderfully received!
God bless ya! Stephen

Can any of you help Stephen?

Jen Boulanger owns and runs the Allentown Women’s Center where young folks get pulled apart. Recently she placed this ad in the local paper:

Allentown Women's Center is looking for females or males in PA who are willing to share their personal abortion stories. AWC is working with the Women's Law Project and clergy members to educate PA lawmakers about what abortion is really like. Can you help? Call AWC Executive Director Jen Boulanger at 610-770-9077 ext. 11 or email her at Share with friends too!

I answered the ad:

Hi Jen, a little girl and a little boy asked me to help them “share their personal abortion stories”:

Little Girl, Jen, I heard grinding, and I felt cold. My warm world left. I was exposed like outside naked in January. I couldn't breathe. The horrible wind pulled off my left arm. The horrible, horrible pain, oh, Jen, Jen. Then it pulled off my right arm and my legs, my legs. Jen, Jen, did you have anything to do with this?

Little Boy, Jen, I was living warm and happily when I heard this grinding sound. Then I felt a rush of cold air. Louder and louder and then the horrible wind tore off my left arm. Oh the pain, Jen, the pain. Then my right arm. That's all I remember. Later I learned that my legs got torn off too. Jen, did you have anything to do with this?

The section of the Pat Richards’ essay from “” I am posting this issue is not typical. Pat is usually the calmest and most level-headed killers’ helper I’ve ever listened to. But here is his reaction to the recent burning down of the Pensacola baby killing mill:

What I can’t fathom, and what has bothered me for years, is do these idiots really think they are “saving babies?” Is it really abortion that they are targeting? Or are they just losers looking to get their names in the papers? I ask because, if they gave it any thought (which may be stretching it for them), they would realize that bombing an abortion clinic or killing an abortion doctor does not “save babies.” Sure that particular clinic may now be closed for a while but, guess what, those women who might have gone to that center will simply make an appointment at the OTHER center a few miles away. And if they blow that one up, the women will then travel over to Mobile and get an abortion.
The disappearance of an abortion facility does not stop abortion, it does not “save babies.” If these domestic terrorists say that’s why they did it, they’re full of it. They are just miscreants who are either totally delusional about how things work (a good possibility) or they are just looking to make a name for themselves within the anti-abortion movement. It’s all so sick.

Ninety-seven percent of us prolifers would have written that, if we were capable of writing that well. And it’s why for forty years we have been getting crushed in this war! We listen to what the enemy hates most about what we do, and we agree with him. The way to lose a war --- find out what your enemy hates and fears most, and do everything you can to make sure that nothing like it ever happens.

After my son-in-law, Pat used to be my favorite killers’ helper. Now Todd Stave is. Todd hooked me up with hundreds of live ones. Most of them are killers’ helpers too, but that’s OK with me -- anything but the zombies who make up 98% of our population and who have no more interest in baby killing than in Beowulf. This exchange, initiated by Jeffrey Michael Gordon, between Scott Evans and Colin Flagstaff, live ones all, is typical:

John, I read your newsletter. are batshit crazy. You should get a job instead of worrying what people do with their lives. It's kind of embarrassing. Don't worry though....I'll pray for you, Jeffrey

Hey Jeffrey, According to you, John shouldn't worry about what people do with their lives, so why are you worried about what John is doing with his life? That makes you a hypocrite. But then again, liberal pro-aborts wear hypocrisy as a badge of honor, don't they, Jeffrey. Scott

Actually Scott you are the hypocrite. You see, Scott, you are merely a cog in the right wing machine that needs to divide this country so that they can steal everything in sight, greed, gluttony, lust (for money), acedia, wrath (their tool and your main vice), pride, envy, vainglory all wrapped up in a right wing package. What ever became of, patience, kindness, humility, temperance and charity, so you see you really are the hypocrite; but of course you have no ears. As long as we are fighting each other we never notice the mayhem and so you are not fighting for god, you are fighting on the other side, but of course you have no sight and no grace and no humility, just like the one that you say fell from heaven.
I wrote this last month but it is time it is time to send it again.
Have you seen a child torn apart by a land mine or a left over cluster bomb. Are you standing outside of Raytheon or General Dynamics protesting? Do you protest outside of arms factories whose weapons destroy nations, families, children, lives? Have you seen children dying slowly of starvation while poor nations buy weapons with precious funds, US companies with the help of government contracts and treaties being the largest arms dealers in the world. Across the world 3 billion people go hungry every day while commodity traders on Wall Street, Hong Kong and London drive up prices of food stuffs to make an arbitrage profit for super-rich clients who don't even need the money. 1% of the world's population owns 87% of the world's assets. And this economic elite use wedge groups such as anti-abortion radicals to keep the world in confusion, people fighting each other, rather than working together to make the world a better place. These groups are being used by evil elements to create dissension so that they can go on with their elite agenda which creates suffering. Still seems topical. Colin

Colin, You wrote, "Actually Scott you are the hypocrite. You see, Scott, you are merely a cog in the right wing machine that needs to divide this country so that they can steal everything in sight, greed, gluttony, lust (for money), acedia, wrath (their tool and your main vice), pride, envy, vainglory all wrapped up in a right wing package."
Oh, so that's why I'm so fabulously wealthy. :sarcasm:
Hey, I'm only one person. I can't protest everywhere. Can you?
So let me ask you this simple question, Colin. Is it always wrong to intentionally kill a baby? Please don't expound unless you precede your explanation by answering "Yes" or "No" first.

Scott, you are about absolutes and having solid answers, you seem to fear the mystery that is creation. People who are about absolutes are not concerned with other people, they are only concerned with themselves, that is implied. So as much as you say you are doing this for Jesus or God, you are really doing it for yourself. You are doing it to imbue yourself with the power that you need to survive in a mysterious world. You are in this respect much like the Satan myth in your book. You do not trust your God so you fall to earth and try to do what you believe God should do.
This is what you wrote: So let me ask you this simple question, Colin. Is it always wrong to intentionally kill a baby? Please don't expound unless you precede your explanation by answering "Yes" or "No" first.
I am not allowed to 'expound' and I must answer the question in the format you provide. To suit your agenda! Who are you? What authority do you come with that you believe you can tell those you interact with, how they must respond. It must feel good to believe you are that holy. 'They have made themselves into Gods.'
If you could understand the long term damage your type of irrationality does to the religion that you say you love, you would desist.
Answer: no it is not always wrong to kill a baby, there are circumstances where the health of the mother predominates.
You are possessed and it makes me wonder why and what power is advantaged by your slavery. You are living in a never ending hell. I am living in a garden, a world flawed but tolerable.

Colin, I'm about absolutes because God is about absolutes. Creation is not a mystery except for the fact I don't know how God did it, but I know He did, and when He said, "Thou shall not murder," he meant it.
So who are you to get your feathers so ruffled over a simple request? When someone answers "Yes" or "No" before explaining his answer, it helps to clarify where he is coming from. So thank you for doing so.
You answered, "no it is not always wrong to kill a baby, there are circumstances where the health of the mother predominates." I actually said to "intentionally" kill a baby, but at any rate, here is my reply:
Are you talking about the mother's mental health? Babies are actually murdered for that reason sometimes. If you meant the mother's physical health, please look up Denver Bronco quarterback Tim Tebow's story. By your standards, he would have been killed in his mother's womb. There are millions of children who have been murdered under the guise of the health of the mother. The fact is, doctors are wrong all the time about the health of the mother and the health of the preborn baby.
When there is a difficult pregnancy, neither the mother nor the baby should be targeted for death. The doctor finds himself with two patients and he or she should do everything she can to save both. If it comes to the critical juncture that the mother will die unless something is done, then the baby should be delivered and if the baby dies, then it's a tragedy that couldn't be avoided. But the baby should never be intentionally killed.
So the fact remains, they are babies and it's always wrong to intentionally kill a baby.
By the way, Colin, your personal attacks targeted at me are a complete waste of your time. I couldn't care less what your opinion of me is. Believe it or not, I don't live for Colin, I live for the Creator who saved me from my sins.

Scott, It was not a request, it was a command. You demand that the argument is on your terms. This is a well known debate tactic in which you set up the debate so that all answers fit your pre-designed answers based not on reflection but on your insistence that you are right and everyone else is wrong. So what's the need for God if there is Scott and Scott is never wrong People who live by absolutes do it so that they can rule over other people. They say they believe in God but they actually want to be God. They say it is 'revealed' to them in books and then they shoot doctors, fly planes into buildings, and lock people up in concentration camps, all the while explaining that they are fulfilling God's will. They attack people all day long but when someone shows the logical inconsistencies in their position suddenly they are the victims. The main problem with your conceptual view of how people should live is -- people. People end up getting in the way of the authoritarian, absolutist, dogmas and so as the story plays out, people must be destroyed; an example is Revelation, the natural outcome of the turning from the peaceful teachings of Jesus to the power politics of Paul.
This is not pro-life, this is pro-Scott. We know where this leads and that is one of the reasons we push back on anti-abortion groups and are pro-choice. Once you take control over a woman's body, you will feel empowered to take control over the life of all people. Since the Enlightenment, we understand that absolutes are code for authoritarianism seeking their own power. That is; Satan.
If you could understand that your use of religion in your desire to build up you self esteem, by feeding into your need of certainty demeans religion and turns people away from faith. If there were a god, I am sure that this god would not be happy about you ignoring the graceful workings of the creation and exploiting the divisions between people for your own aggrandizement.
'They have made themselves into Gods'

Colin, It was a command? Under the threat of what, exactly? 50 lashes with a wet noodle? What's wrong with requesting a yes or no answer before elaborating? And what's wrong with giving a yes or no answer before elaborating? You're sure in a tizzy over something so minor.
You said, "People who live by absolutes do it so that they can rule over other people." Colin, is that absolutely true? If so, then you live by absolutes as well. If not, then it's just your personal opinion and may not be true.
They say it is 'revealed' to them in books. Which books? If they say the Bible, then they don't know the Bible. So no one should read anything in case they interpret what they read incorrectly? No one who has murdered a doctor, flown planes into buildings, or locked people up in concentration camps has fulfilled God's will. No one who harms the innocent fulfills God's will. And people who read we evolved from nothing and there is nothing after death are affected by what they read as well, as evidenced by the epidemic of murder suicides our world is experiencing. They are actually correctly interpreting what they read, even though what they are reading are all lies. Ideas have consequences.
If there is no foundation how we as human beings are to live, then everyone does what is right in his own eyes such as making up the lie that a woman has control over her own body. So what about the separate body within her body with the 46 separate chromosomes and the separate DNA and often the different sex? That's not her body, it's her baby's body. A helpless, innocent body with a soul and a spirit who doesn't deserve to be murdered any more than the mother does.
So let me ask you this question, Colin: Is it absolutely wrong for a man to rape a woman (tbc)

Here’s a continuation of the Paul Ross Evans drama. Paul is at work just after the bomb was discovered that he’d planted to destroy the baby killing mill.

Just when I began to semi-relax I located a local Austin news webpage where the story was beginning to break. A worker at the abortion clinic had somehow stumbled upon the package on her way into work that afternoon around lunch. Emergency crews responded to the scene in full force after protocol was followed and all of the government agencies in charge of such situations were alerted. As I had personally witnessed, the scene outside of the clinic was complete mayhem, and many other local news stations were getting wind of the breaking story. The bomb squad was on the scene at the moment deploying a robot to inspect the package which appeared to have protruding wires and pipes. A section of Highway 35 had now been shut down. I alerted my co-workers and the few customers who were in the shop then of what I had discovered on the internet. I was totally and completely nervous all over again, and as I got up to go smoke a cigarette and collect my nerves, I noticed a customer say "It always seems to happen somewhere else, somewhere far off, something like this." As I walked outside I do remember it was an extremely windy moment out in front of the tattoo shop as I attempted to light my cigarette.
Sooner or later my favorite co-worker joined me outside of the shop, and she had a look of confusion. I almost told her right there that I was the one responsible for placing the bomb outside of the abortion clinic, and I intended to never go back to prison ever again. I had confided in her many times concerning terrible situations I had encountered as a young man incarcerated in the Texas Department of Corrections, and I felt as if she was the only person who knew that I was really struggling to make a new life for myself in Austin, besides my family. We talked, and she smoked with me, and I soon departed to go back inside and research the internet webpages once more for any further media coverage. At this stage, the story had broken through to all Austin-based News stations and their websites, as well as all other Texas news pages. I sat at the computer in a total daze and witnessed with my own eyes the story reach Google, Yahoo, MSN, CNN, FOX, NBC, and CBS, as well as appearing (AP news) on the Post and the Times webpages. Later it made International news on that first day, and I watched it with a complete sense of surprise. I walked down the street to a Pizza Restraint and picked up a vegan pizza for my co-worker Jill. As I strolled along the sidewalk along South Congress Avenue I searched every stranger’s eyes with the suspicion of them working for the Federal government. When I returned with the pizza I called my wife at our apartment. She asked me if there was a possibility of leaving work early as she really missed me after our wonderful day hiking outdoors. I told her that I was already planning to leave early, as the tattoo shop was surprisingly slow. I told her that I would be home soon. I then informed my other co-workers that I had just spoken to my wife, she was very ill, and she needed me to come home if possible and help watch our son. They all had no problem with that, and told me to go on home and have a great night. When I left I was so dizzy and nervous that I almost vomited in the alley next to our shop. I drove, of course, next to the abortion clinic once more, and in the peculiarity of the night, I could see the dim lights of the emergency crews still on the scene. I put in a C.D. usually on my drive home from work, smoked cigarettes, and blared the radio. On this night I drove in complete and utter silence, with the windows down and a cool breeze gently grazing my face. My thoughts were on my family and the future.
My mother-in-law's birthday was the following day, and when I arrived home, my wife wanted to go to the market to pick up the ingredients to make cupcakes for her mother. She was also planning to drive to San Antonio and take them to her, along with a present she had purchased for her weeks before. I suggested that we rent some movies as well, which she was agreeable to.
As we left I told her that I had discovered on the internet earlier someone had attempted to bomb the abortion clinic on Highway 35. I jokingly told her "Look, it wasn't me I swear. I was with you and our little guy all day long."
Little did she know, I had left the bomb there the previous day on my way home from work and that the detonator failed to work properly, or rather one of the wires pulled loose in transition, causing the circuit of electrical charge to become incomplete. It had sat beside this car all night. I later found out it belonged to a patient. A woman who received an abortion there had been so drugged, and surely emotionally unstable, that when she left, she decided to just leave her car outside of the clinic for a few days. Some of her family knew about the abortion, some didn't at the time. They all did now.
We arrived at the movie rental store first. We rented a lot of movies. Some of them my wife had seen, all of them I had seen.
The titles included Seven, starring Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman, Good Will Hunting, starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, and Robin Williams, A Bronx Tale, starring Robert DeNiro, and a comedy in which Will Farrell played an I.R.S. agent. I carried the bag of movies into the supermarket with us as my wife shopped for all of the ingredients which were necessary for her cooking. I remember she took an excessive amount of time locating a specific type of shampoo. The boy was running wild around the store, and we were sort of playing hide-and-seek between the isles. Usually I frowned on this type of behavior. Weeks before I had given him a spanking because we were in a store and he ran off from me and hid after I warned him that we were not in a very nice neighborhood, and I wanted him to stay close to me. But this night I did not mind him acting up. I played right along, and to his surprise, he had a playmate instead of a father for the night. After my wife paid for everything, we were on our way out to the car. I still had the movies in my hand, and my wife exclaimed "Shit! I have to go back. I forgot the little paper wrappers for the cupcakes." Then she said "Sorry." She wasn't sorry that she had forgotten something; she knew that I was a very patient and kind man to her. She said "sorry" because we had lately been putting in a real effort to stop using curse words in front of the child. He was learning new words, and fast, and he especially tried to imitate his heroes: her and me. I told her "No worries. I'll take the little guy to the car, get him in his car seat, and we will wait on you."
I grabbed her bags, and gave the little guy a light weight bag to carry so he could feel important arid useful. As we arrived at the car, and I threw in all of the bags, chucked little man into his car seat and strapped him in, I heard a loud thunder. When I looked up I saw a black military style helicopter with the word “POLICE’ etched on the bottom. The chopper banked right, and then flew off into the distance. This was unsettling. However, I convinced myself that it did not involve me and I was acting paranoid. As my wife was still inside the store, I decided to drive, and when she returned we were waiting. On the way home we listened to her new C.D. from her favorite band, and mine at the time, too. All of a sudden we jumped at a loud "BANG". We both began to ask each other if we had hit something, or if there was a flat. We were close to home, so we continued up the exit, and approached a stop light. The car seemed fine. As we drove the last mile home no troubles were encountered whatsoever.
We had wonderful night. We researched the internet on the actual expenses and legalities of living in Ireland. I had recently convinced my wife that this country was a cesspool of total debauchery and that we should leave as soon as possible. She was surprisingly up for this adventure, Of course we will have to save up some money first, and make sure the boy had everything he needed, as always. She always put him first, and I adored her for that. She was an excellent mother, and it was one of the things that initially attracted me to her. I met her as a patient at a brain injury hospital where she worked, as she was a member the direct care staff of nurses there. I was in love with her immediately.
We watched movies all night.
We discussed her dropping me off at an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting that I was mandated to attend as a parolee from Texas State prison. She would then make the hour and a half drive to San Antonio to visit her mother for her birthday with our son, and come back in time to pick me up from work late.
We dozed off into a deep slumber after I looked out of the bedroom window and wondered about my future, yet again.
The day seemed unusually quiet that morning. I can't remember if I had a chance to smoke a Marlboro, but considering that I normally did as soon as I woke up and brushed my teeth, I would bet that I did. It was around noon when we all excited the house. I carried a N.I.V. Bible that my mother had given me, along with a tattoo design of a huge eagle I intended to tattoo my wife with the following day. As we walked up the stairs outside of the apartment, I felt very odd. I walked up right behind my son, and my wife followed. As we approached the car, we looked down simultaneously at the back right tire which was flat. "I knew it!" said my wife. At that very moment every branch of the Federal government (besides the post office) swooped up to the front of the parking area at my apartment complex. The agents from the F.B.I, led, along with an agent from the A.T.F. They wore the usual dark-blue-with-yellow-lettered vests, and carried M16 assault rifles. I thought about running for a split second, but I heard my son scream, and run instinctively to his mother. I looked at them and then at myself, or thought of my position rather. I was afraid that if I ran, or took off running immediately, the agents would shoot, miss me, and hit one of them with a stray bullet.
I placed my Bible on top of the car, along with my hands. (tbc)


Anonymous said...

It is ironic and hypocritical that the Jesus-hating terrorist Scott Evans would comment.
I know from personal experience.
I live two blocks away from where Scott bullies people nearly every Saturday (Scott Evans calls his bullying and harassing behavior “sidewalk counseling”). We all know exactly who Scott is and every single time I drive by there (like this past Saturday morning), he is out there with a ridiculous looking small video camera mounted to his shoulder, makes terrible loud noises blowing on some horn, all in some vain attempt to overcome some major insecurities, and all while trying to videotape everyone and violating everyone's right to privacy. My neighbors and I have researched these people and almost all of them are criminals!
Scott Melvin Evans and convicted criminals Jo Anne Scott (convicted of federal charges of conspiring to bomb a clinic!) and Ken Tyler Scott (convicted deadbeat dad!), are all Jesus-hating "sidewalk counselors" and have disgusting, photo-shopped signs, bloody plastic children's baby dolls, morbid "baby caskets", and fake 'abortion' posters of bloody babies, and these are all over the streets in our neighborhood. They have giant signs of miscarriages and knowingly falsely present them as "abortions".
I recently found out that Ken Scott has been committed to a mental hospital before because of his actions! Before I found this out, Ken had invited me out to join them after my neighbor's church went out for the 40 days for life protest. I was appalled at what I witnessed out on the public street! Their tactics are awful and even anti-human.
I have two daughters, both on birth control until they are ready to have my grandchildren (hopefully soon!), and if Scott harassed them like that, I would call the police on him. I met several of the other horrible bullies next to the driveway on that Saturday and got their names: Beau Ballentine, Leslie Hanks, Tony Massey, and Cliff Powell. They are out there regularly and are yelling nasty stuff too. They all try to emulate Scott Evans or Ken Scott's aggressive, obnoxious, anti-Jesus behaviour.

Anonymous said...

They know no boundaries, are very loud, obnoxious and aggressive and I can often hear them yelling and making noise from my back yard! NONE of my neighbors want to drive near these horrible images and activities, especially when we have our young children in the car. Everyone reading this take a minute and imagine how you would feel if you had these grotesque signs lining the streets in your neighborhood! We are sick of it. These "protestors" all seem to try to video tape and intimidate anyone who drives down Pontiac street here in Denver and will lie to and mislead ANYONE who they can get to stop to listen, or otherwise is within earshot.
These “sidewalk counselors” are out there nearly every day, and apparently paid to be there by Bob Adolph Enyart of Denver Bible Church in Arvada.
Fact: “Pastor” Bob Adolph Enyart was sentenced to 60 days in jail for beating a 7 year old boy so hard with a belt that he bled! This is the kind of person he truly is the leader of the pack and Scott Evans and Ken Scott follow his every whim, doing the devil’s work.
They are all blasphemous towards the sacred Christian Bible and are harassing many REAL Christians, most whom are going into a clinic for birth control and other needed medical services (many from our surrounding neighborhood!). They do so much harm to the anti-abortion cause, which should be peaceful. I personally would like to see us get to the point where abortion is rare or non-existent.
GOD will be the judge of all of us one way or another, NOT these terrible bullies! Jesus was peaceful and would have never done any of this and would not have approved in any way. These "sidewalk counselors" are the new Westboro Baptist Church of our community and their arrogant ignorance is so sad and pathetic that it sickens me.
These are the worst of the worst of anti-abortion (and anti-gay) extremists. Anyone that associates with these people will be judged the same way by the public and by God (as mentally ill, sadistic and psychopathic!) There is a special place in Hell for all of these people, but it's just as well, since these "sidewalk counselors" hate Jesus and are doing the devil's work.
I am a member of a very large and REAL Christian Church south of Denver and our Pastor gave a wonderful sermon on Sunday about how these "sidewalk counselor" bullies blaspheme the name of the Lord. Our Pastor encouraged us to contact Voice of Choice ( to help attempt to get the protesters to see that this should not be about anyone's stance on abortion, but to NOT BULLY and NOT HARRASS your fellow human beings.
Hundreds of the Denver parishioners and their family members have contacted Voice of Choice and offered their services to do what they could do to help. I hope you will do the same. Please pray for the protesters!