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"Contraception" is Murder, 10-12, February 2, 2013

formerly, Abortion is Murder, and, before that, skyp (stop the killing of young people)


February 2, 2013, Vol. 10   No. 12

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Editor, John Dunkle


  “Contraception”  is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to baby murder, is sent out at least once a month.  If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you yet for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go to the website.  Emails are free but snail-mail is free only for PFCs, a grand for others.

  Because I believe we should examine every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect those being tortured to death, I want to hear from people who’ve been forceful and from those who defend them.  I’d also like to hear from those who oppose the prolife use of force and call it violence.


Prisoners  For  Christ:


1.         Burt, John 209999, Raiford State Prison, P.O. Box 628, Lake Butler, FL 32054

2.         Evans, Paul Ross 83230-180,  FCI, PO Box 1500, El Reno, OK 73036

3.         Griffin, Michael 310249, BRCF, 5914 Jeff Atles Rd., Milton, FL 32583-00000

4.         Grady, Francis 131471, Wisconsin Resource Center, PO Box 220, Winnebago, WI 54985-0220

5.         Holt, Gregory 129616, Varber super Max, PO Box 600, Grady, AR 71644-0600    

6.         Kopp, James 11761-055,  USP Canaan, 3057 Easton Tpk., Waymart, PA 18472 

7.         Mower, Donny Eugene 65828-097, FCI ,PO Box 3997, San Pedro, CA 90731

8.         Roeder, Scott 65192  PO Box 2, Lansing, Kansas 66043

9.         Rogers, Bobby Joe,  Santa Rosa County Jail, PO Box 7129, Milton, FL 325872

10.       Rudolph, Eric 18282-058  US Pen. Max,  Box 8500, Florence  CO 81226-8500

11.      Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A,  P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093   

12.       Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, USP, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg  PA 17837  

  Albert Kaplan responds to the cannibalism post in the last issue:


   Dear John, Stem cell research is code for using the brains of babies in experiments to prolong the life of the murderers. Those brains are the fruit of the tree of everlasting life. The majority of the mad scientists have not yet discovered that merely by eating those brains will they have everlasting life. I suspect that some of these lunatics have already discovered it.


  And Neal responds to the whole issue:


  Absolutely riveting. God grant peace and the fullness of the Presence of Lord Holy Ghost to those who receive this newsletter as a bright light shining in the darkness.  And Confound and Defeat the rest.



John, What do you think about holding up a sign that says "Adam Lanza works/lives here-->" outside the clinic/home of a child homicide doctor? I came up with the idea thinking about how Adam Lanza went to work that day killing children with all the same detachment of your average abortion doctor in Connecticut. The difference is he did not kill as many children. I think this is what happens when young people are taught from day one that respect for children's lives is but a "choice." Although people are expected to keep the choice within bounds, some who lack the mental faculties to hold on to the roller coaster ride of psychological rationalization may end up flying off the tracks like Adam Lanza did. He turned a school into an abortion clinic. But all rationalization aside, when we see the victims of the Sandy Hook tragedy, we are seeing the faces of the children who are killed each day around the country at the many other abortion clinics. In a way, the mental process that leads abortion doctors to kill children is probably little different than the one used by Adam Lanza. They seem to think children's lives are OUR choice. But the truth is their lives are not our choice. Their lives are their lives, and it belongs to us to defend children.        Sincerely, Cal 

  “He turned a school into an abortion clinic” – I’m not forgetting that one.

  However, I’m sticking with A KILLER LIVES HERE.  By the third Sunday in January, my next trip to the killers’ homes, people will have forgotten all about Lanza because another psychopath will have replaced him.

And, as it is, the current sign makes the third Sunday my favorite day of the month.

  In December a car screeches to a halt. “Where, where, where’s the killer?’  I gesture towards the house behind us. “Oh, the abortion doctor,” and it squeals away (off-duty cop and wife).

  Next arrives a guy in a fifty grand bright red truck.  He looks like Satan -- small silver bones penetrating eyelids, nostrils, lips, cheeks, ears.  When I tell him the killer kills only young guys for now, he cries out, “I hate them!  I’m gay!  My husband and I might want to adopt!   And they’re killing them?  I hate them!  I hate them!”

  Then he delivers a powerful pro-life homily.  By the time he leaves, we’re BFF.

  And then a car . . .(well, you get the idea). 

  Can’t wait till January.

an exchange:

33  I do not understand how contraception can be called "murder"!  If conception (fertilization) is prevented no one is killed.  Abortifacients, though, do kill people.

me  I put "contraception" in quotes, 33, because many so called contraceptives, like the pill and the diaphragm, kill embryos, who are just as human as fetuses, teenagers, and I.  In other words, they're not really contraceptives at all; they're murder weapons, like the suction machines and the killers’ guns.

  Let’s hear it – do y’all agree with Randall?
  Last month I wrote you a letter, “The Enemies We Keep,” discussing the fundraising scams and frauds that are plaguing the pro-life movement and the “religious right.” I have had MANY conversations with friends and supporters about the “mystery group” I spoke of, as well as many other groups in the “pro-life industry” who are scamming millions of dollars from pro-lifers
  People – who trust my judgment – want to know which groups they can trust...which ones are having a true impact for God and the babies...which ones are dreaded and respected by the child killers and the enemies of God...which ones confront Obama and wicked leaders by name
  As I spoke to person after person, a simple litmus test emerged in my mind. So, I give it to you, to help with your discernment, and to help you avoid wasting your money:
  If an “organization” says it is fighting to end child killing, or protect marriage, or get us out of the U.N., or ANY OTHER American political issue, if they are a 501c3 tax exempt, tax deductible, corporation, (“tax-exempt group” for short) then don’t waste your money with them.

  As I spoke to person after person, a simple litmus test emerged in my mind. So, I give it to you, to help with your discernment, and to help you avoid wasting your money:
  If an “organization” says it is fighting to end child killing, or protect marriage, or get us out of the U.N., or ANY OTHER American political issue, if they are a 501c3 tax exempt, tax deductible, corporation, (“tax-exempt group” for short) then don’t waste your money with them.
  Please hear me; if you give to a tax-exempt group that says it is going to end child killing, they are deceiving you (and perhaps themselves.) The very battles we must fight to end this holocaust – elect the right people, throw evil bums out of office, and pass the right legislation to make it a crime to murder babies – these are the very battles a tax-exempt group cannot fight. They are disarmed
  Conversely, if you are giving to a tax-exempt group that feeds hungry orphans in Haiti, or to a soup kitchen in your city, or for smuggling Bibles into a foreign problem. Those groups are not raising money fraudulently, pretending they will affect American politics and policy.
  But if a tax exempt group raises money on U.S. political issues – such as child killing or homosexual marriage – they have already prostituted themselves to Uncle Sam, taken Obama’s bit and bridle, and agreed to leave the status quo as it is (even while raising money promising to change it.) We are compiling a list of the more egregious offenders, and will make it public soon. But as I said, the SIMPLE LITMUS TEST is to see if a group seeking your money regarding child killing is tax-exempt. If they are, then by definition they cannot end child killing, and are therefore practicing fundraising deceit. I advise all pro-lifers to NOT give to such organizations.

  This review without my amendments appeared in the New York Times of 1/8/13: 

  “The Abolitionists,” a three-part “American Experience” that begins Tuesday night on PBS, is a reminder for our noisy, instant-news present that the great movements of history, whether for civil rights, or equality for women, or the rights of people with disabilities, including the “disability” to be older, take decades to mature, and that presidents and other politicians are often among the last to board the bandwagon.

  The program . . . traces the anti-abortion movement across almost 40 tumultuous years, a period of colliding worldviews that makes our former polarizations seem slight.

  The focus is on five prominent figures . . . and the principals are well chosen in that they represent a range of approaches as to how best to rid the country of child killing.  Jack Wilke thought words could do the job; Paul Hill preferred the gun.

  The first installment looks at the 1970s and ‘80s when the anti-abortion movement coalesced and began to realize just what it was up against. Prolife leaflets in the streets were met with sometimes violent protests, which was no surprise, but Wilke and others were taken aback when ugly opposition also materialized in the churches.

  Wilke was beginning to despair that political bodies or other entrenched institutions would ever act against child killing, and his writings and lectures became more impatient.

  The ultimate champion of radical action, though, was Hill.  In the program’s most evocative scene, he meets Wilke at Chambersburg, Pa., where Wilke tries to talk him out of the forceful defense that would probably push the nation towards civil war.

  “It will kill you, and it will serve no purpose,” Wilke says. “It will be a blood bath.”

  To which Hill replies, “Without the shedding of blood, there is no remission of sin.”  

  _______ turns up late, and in this telling he is a bit of a waffler, trying some appeasement strategies before eventually rescinding Roe v Wade.  By this point in the program, the case has been made that war is the only way this defining issue can be resolved. But it is a long journey to get to that point, full of soul-searching, reasoned debate and not-so-reasoned violence. Food for thought for our contentious age, when discussion of perfectly solvable problems seems to turn inflammatory so easily.

  More about Angel Dillard, Scott Roeder, George Tiller, and Mila Means: 

  Dr. Mila Means was raised in a family that considered abortion an accepted, reasonable idea. Her schoolteacher parents, social activists in the 1960s, instilled that attitude early in her life,” reported Fred Mann in The Wichita Eagle (23 June, 2011).

  "I was in the ninth grade when my father told me if I were pregnant before I was 18, I would have an abortion," Means said. 

  Rev. Bray comments: “Well, the poor woman. She was reared by immoral and stupid parents. She needed some counsel from a moral, reasonable, loving, and courageous person.

  “In steps Angel Dillard to explain to this morally confused miscreant that killing babies is not good for babies of for fools who might get shot while executing such despicable deeds - and the rest is history. A FACE violation and plenty of misery heaped upon her by the feds.

  “Thanks be to Scott Roeder, the blood flow was stopped. It has been almost four years. And now some foolish ‘doctor’ wants to attempt to establish a career and gain a little fame. Wannabe-abortionist Means was sent a friendly letter from Angel Dillard advising her of the danger that she was apparently having difficulty comprehending. Well, that neighborly act of love was interpreted by the Obamanation as a threat and they are after her with prosecutorial zeal.”

  Rev. Bray is a unique wordsmith: “morally confused miscreant,” “killing babies is not good for babies or for fools,”  “executing such despicable deeds.”  Praise to him.

  More from Neal:
  I published a song on Youtube entitled: "Christians Allow Murder" at
  A Christian said to me: “Neal, you sing, 'Christians allow murder'   But so do you. What are you doing/going to do about it?"

  I answered: Not only have I confessed for years that I am presently
enslaved to murder, but I have also spent years trying to teach people what God has wrought in the USA that gives us a way out of this enslavement to sin. If you will go to, or, you will see a clearly defined strategy to outlaw murder in a State that elects me--or someone who represents the same strategy I embody. Support of the strategy I embody will thereby extricate at least that State and its citizens from aiding and abetting murder.
  It is indubitable that nobody on earth can stop/arrest murderers by themselves. But in the USA there is a way for God’s people to organize themselves to arrest murder IF they are willing to die if necessary to do it.
From where I stand I see this forecast for the future: All that prevents Christians in the USA from having the power to arrest murderers is millions of Christians like yourself who apparently are willing to allow murder to continue to grow in this nation until you yourselves are devoured by it. If you can see that prospect makes any price we have to pay now a bargain compared to what we’ll pay in the future, then I believe you will support me in the strategy to seize the power to arrest murderers that God has authorized from the beginning of this nation until now.
  Failing that, it is clear to me that you will be a de facto coward who literally sanctions this legalized murder by refusing to support the only strategy authorized to overcome a murderous federal regime that violates 1 Timothy 1:8-11 in the United States of America. Tick, tick, tick. The clock is ticking for you and all your ilk.
  Are You Pro-life or Pro-Happy-talk?
  I am writing this for one reason only. I believe that my Heavenly  Father, and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, and Their Holy  Spirit, are commanding me to write it. I have never written in this way before. It goes against my grain. My human nature (what the Bible calls "the flesh") rebels at the thought. I feel the struggle between what St. Paul called "the flesh" and "the Spirit" (Romans 7). I have to choose sides. I choose to obey the Spirit instead of the flesh. That's what it takes for me to write this letter.
  I am by nature a coward and a comfort-monger. I live a comfortable life, an easy life. My job is very pleasant to me: I teach philosophy and write books.  It is an honorable profession. I am the classic absent-minded professor. It is a harmless! and attractive psychological type especially for cowards.
  I have written two books about abortion and two about "the culture war." Beyond this, I have done nothing, sacrificed nothing, risked nothing, made no extra efforts to participate in the actual fighting, beyond a few financial contributions and pro bono speeches that did not upset my comfort zone either financially or psychologically. One of the ways to avoid confronting something unpleasant is to talk about it instead of doing something about it, to teach others to act rather than to act yourself. "Those who will, act; those who won't, teach. Those who can't teach, teach others how to teach."
   One of the most effective ways to protect yourself against confronting your own death is to write books about death, or even to be a mortician!  Thinking about it can inoculate you against the real thing because it can persuade you that you have confronted the real thing when in fact you have only confronted ideas.  It is an inoculation. You can even imagine yourself saintly just because you read about the saints and love them. You can actually be as stupid as the theologian who died and met God and when God gave him the choice between going to Heaven or going to a theology lecture on Heaven, he chose the lecture.
  I didn’t write that, but I should have.
Anti-abortion activist accused of threat claims clergy privilege with Tiller’s killer
  An anti-abortion activist accused of threatening a Wichita physician is claiming “ministerial privileges” in refusing to answer the government's questions about her relationship with the man convicted of murdering late-term abortion provider Dr. George Tiller.
  The dispute comes in a lawsuit the Justice Department filed against Angel Dillard last year under a federal law aimed at protecting access to reproductive services. The government has accused Dillard of sending a threatening letter to Dr. Mila Means, who was training to offer abortion services after Tiller's 2009 death.
  The Justice Department wants a judge to force Dillard to answer questions about her jail ministry and her relationship with Scott Roeder, who is serving a life sentence for Tiller's murder. In a filing last month, the government noted that the threatening January 2011 letter to Means referenced Tiller's death and that Dillard has publicly stated she admired Roeder.
  Dillard told the court in a filing late Wednesday that she has responded to other questions from the government, but won't provide what she considers to be confidential information within the “clergy-communicant privilege” in her jail ministry. She intends to file a request with the court for a protective order covering that information.
  Her attorney argued that most of Dillard's interactions with inmates were done in her work for the nonprofit group Christian Ministries to Offenders Inc. Dillard signed a confidentiality agreement as part of that ministry, which has worked with Sedgwick County inmates for more than 30 years.
  The Justice Department contends the “priest-penitent privilege” does not apply in this case because there is no evidence Dillard is an ordained minister. It also says she couldn't have meant for her communications with Roeder to be kept secret because both of them knew conversations and writings from prison are likely to be monitored.
  Abortions have not been openly performed in Wichita since Tiller, one of the nation's few late-term abortion providers, was fatally shot in May 2009 at his Wichita church.
  Dillard's defense attorney, Don McKinney, is himself a longstanding abortion opponent who once protested outside Tiller's clinic. Also, he was appointed in 2006 as a special prosecutor to pursue an appeal of criminal charges against Tiller after a local judge dismissed them. Former Kansas Attorney General Phil Kline made the appointment after losing re-election, but Kline's successor fired McKinney and dropped the appeal.
  The Justice Department's lawsuit contends Dillard, of Valley Center, told Means in the threatening letter that thousands of people from across the United States are already looking into her background.
  “They will know your habits and routines. They know where you shop, who your friends are, what you drive, where you live,” the letter said. “You will be checking under your car everyday – because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it.”
  McKinney wrote that Dillard has told the government that she has never discussed Means with any inmate, much less threaten her or any other health provider during her jail ministry activities. He argued his client's supplemental responses and jail records already obtained by the federal government should answer the Justice Department's questions.
  A defense filing Thursday also made public for the first time jail logs detailing several visits Dillard made to Roeder, as well as the $373 she deposited into Roeder's inmate trust fund between April 2010 and March 2012.
  “There is simply no compelling reason to require Angel Dillard to violate her duties as a spiritual counselor (and her confidentiality agreement) and disclose confidential information or information already in the government's  possession,” McKinney wrote.
  Angel’s story began here in the September issue,  Her trial-by-jury is scheduled for February 5.  Their anti-Angel case rests on this:
  “They will know your habits and routines. They know where you shop, who your friends are, what you drive, where you live.  You will be checking under your car everyday – because maybe today is the day someone places an explosive under it.” 
  What is this? You cannot warn your son about the dangers of packing, of drugging, of fornicating, because then you are actually threatening him with shooting, with overdosing, with venereal disease?  You cannot warn someone about how life-threatening the homosexual lifestyle can be because then you are threatening him with AIDS?  
  And look here: “. . . she couldn't have meant for her communications with Roeder to be kept secret because both of them knew conversations and writings from prison are likely to be monitored.” 
  Sure, writings can be monitored, and those conversations that take place through glassed-in booths, but most talk between prisoner and visitor takes place in an open noisy room. 
  Monitored?  Not likely.
  But what I find most interesting about Angel’s case is this:
  “Meanwhile, the government also is seeking a protective order prohibiting widespread disclosure of its investigative records before it gives the defense certain information in the FBI's possession. The agency is concerned witnesses and others involved in the investigation could become the subjects of harassment or otherwise be targeted if their association with the FBI's abortion extremism probe was disclosed.”
  That paragraph appeared in an earlier Associated Press article about the case.  In other words Operation Rescue has been infiltrated.  That doesn’t mean that more of our anti-abortion groups are infiltrated too, but you never know.
  In the last issue I posted an email squabble among prolifers initiated by something Neal had written.  Now Neal writes this:
  The power of prayer begins with the confession of sin. Until all those who claim the name of Jesus in the USA confess that we are daily aiding and abetting the legalized slaughter of the least of God’s children and prepare to go to war if necessary to demonstrate our repentance, the prayers of this generation of Christians won’t rise above your truth-denying heads.
  And again sets off a squabble that sometimes turns nasty:
Rubin,  Glad you have removed Jesus from killing abortion doctors.  Too bad Paul Hill did not see it that way.  That is taking the name of God in vain!!!  He is burning in hellfire as he died a murderer and Donald Spitz counseled him into that flame.
  We are told that whatever we do we are to do for the glory of God, so I guess we can say that killing another for the name of Jesus will not give the name of Jesus much glory based on what you have written? Glad none of the people you know killed Norma McCorvey during her heyday or you would have sent her to an early hellfire.
  And as you well know the shooting of Hill never stopped one abortion from happening.  They were only rescheduled.
Lokey, Ruben, are you still living in that upscale trailer park that takes nothing less than one-bedroom "shorty" trailers?
Elsman, You numbskull, Lokey!!!
  We don’t talk about where Rubin lives.  He is not exactly popular like unto Gov. Neal, though many wish to run him as mayor of La La
  He is strictly protected, as in “Zero Dark 30” only accessible by copter.  You have to make it to the 3rd floor to take him out!!!
  --Els, the Muscle, King James only, protecting my Main-Man.t
Lokey, Elsmans, I didn't realize the location of Rude Rubin's trailer park space was so hush-hush. I couldn't have realized he was anywhere near as important as I am. He seems so, well, so blah, so nothing, all atingle with idiocy.   
  Is The Rube'  s plain, sheer, in-yo'-face obvious stupidity just an act to protect himself from the mobs of feverish intellectuals that would surely storm his bastions seeking to drink from the boundless wellspring of his mighty wisdom as they storm me when I show up in public without disguising myself at least with a Lone Ranger eye mask?
  If intellectuals could storm him for enlightenment, it would make him a tiny bit like me. He wouldn't want that. He would not want to attempt existing even as any vagrant image of me. Thus, since you are a top hand lawyer, you must advise The Rube Cube (or is that "Rude Cube?") that he must maintain his normal, ordinary profile: which means just doing the best job he can to continue pretending he is nothing but a hopeless slob without any powers of cerebration. Although, I must say that, so far, Rude Rubin has done an excellent job unfurling said profile even without your scholarly legal advocacy (but obviously not without your bucks.)
From On High,
Hackin' and hewin'
Stickin' and kickin'
Rubin, Elsman, the gig is up.  They know you back me and they know the government pays us.
  Let us go now.
  Can we say paranoid?
Elsman, Rude Rubin, is that a frog gig you write about, or a nightclub gig? I don't comp the gig.
  Your whole come-back here, if it can be called that, is what we intellectuals/heavy-weight thinkers refer to as a non sequitur. You wrote that a "gig is up." Do you mean that a gig ended, as in, a nightclub entertainer, singer, comedian, or guitarist stopped working a gig? And what in the world lead you to write it? Again, it's a non sequitur.
  Next in line: what paranoid? Where did that come from? The way I used "profile" does not indicate anything to do with the government. Oh, I just "got it." You don't know what the word means. Ask your friend Elmans. Everybody has a profile. I profiled you when I observed you playing the fool (or were you playing?) which constantly unfurled out of you as I watched. I assumed you were playing because I could not believe anybody could be so idiotic and still be walking around loose. People that behave as you do are usually locked away. It made you anomalous for me. Two plus two did not add to four, if you know what I mean. That I observed the fool unfurling out of you has ought to do with government activity or paranoia. It's only an observation, albeit highly accurate and true because I was the observer. You can always trust my observations, as I am the faithful and true witness. I lie not, nor am I deceived.
  You probably did snitch on yourself, though, as "the guilty flee when no man pursueth, but the innocent are as bold as lions," fleeing not. Since I did not give rise to your blurting out the truth, i.e., your impromptu howling about my accusing you of being in the pay of Uncle Bud, was what we intellectuals/heavy-weight thinkers refer to as the "Freudian slip." Have you just told me that you've sold your services (such as they may be issuing from a mere idiot, whose services are worth exactly nil), to government agency? Have you been snitching on your fellows in the pay of "Uncle Bud?" Tsk, tsk, tsk. You know, Uncle Bud is not choosy who it gives taxpayer dollars for snitching. Uncle Bud even pays winos to do it. It's not a classy endeavor. It's pretty seedy.
  You should be deeply ashamed, Rubydooby, as a snitch is such a vile thing that cops and other criminals are known to kill them when they are no longer useful. Snitches are just not welcome anywhere. I'll have to wash my mind after communicating with you. 'Fess up, just what kind of snitch be you? Do you rat on everybody, or just some? And, would you rat on your momma, brothers/sisters, wife/children?
Still the Reigning One,
Your Master (though an unwilling one in your case)
  Buried in the action is this exchange among Michael, Neal, and Don:
Michael, I believe Operation Rescue is our only correct course of action within the teachings of our dear Lord Jesus Christ.
  The depth of complicity is significant. Every premeditated legal murder of our unborn is always a conspiracy, no exceptions. What level of guilt will be punished on that day of judgment and to whom? Jesus does not want us to use the sword and no one should second guess our Father in Heaven. He is in charge and Jesus Christ is our commander in chief. Woe to those who dismiss his teachings.
Don,  Operation Rescue failed. I was in that back in the day. They arrested people and put them in jail, then reopened the doors and let the women in that they herded into a group somewhere after the Christians were arrested. It was a good try, but not the appropriate response to save those being led to death. What you purpose would not work for a second in Germany during the 40’s.  Jesus was not and is not a pacifist. God is going to destroy 1/3 of the human race:
Revelation 9:15 And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men.
Neal,  The reason Operation Rescue (OR) failed is that when the federal government passed FACE (Federal Access to Clinic Entrances Act), turning the OR tactics from a misdemeanor to a major felony that had serious costs, OR Christians ran back into their hobbit holes like hobbits who had never heard of Bilbo Baggins, much less Jesus Christ. To this day Christians, with the exception of those either in prison or dead from exercising the force necessary to arrest murders plus a few others, ignore completely the fact that if babies were in fact being butchered, a stint in prison was a minor price to pay compared to what most people who are called to arrest murderers (think policemen) have to be prepared to pay...namely, their lives.
    Those Christians who could not ignore the fundamental illogical lie of claiming that babies were being murdered but that stopping those murders was not worth paying a greater price than paid in the early days of Operation Rescue immediately developed a pacifist theology that justified the early days of Operation Rescue but utterly failed to answer the question of why, if babies were being murdered, God would require all other categories of murderers to be arrested, but not those who murdered unborn babies. It is the failure to provide a truthful answer to that question today that makes the vast majority of Christians look as ignorant as dogs and hypocrites to boot.
  Seeing this day coming, and correcting the illogic and hypocrisy of this generation of American Christians, is why God gave me the vision defined at A vision that demonstrates these things: 1. God, after all, is no respecter of persons; 2. He does intend that murderers be arrested; 3. He does have the power to raise up some to tell the truth even in the face of an overwhelming consensus among people who call themselves Christians but who ignore the truth and live out their lives blasphemously claiming to walk in the Holy Spirit yet failing to bear the fruit that would accompany that reality.
  What fruit? Enforcing God’s Law against murder. That fruit.
  To send money to the federal Prisoners, those with eight digits after their names, make out a postal money order to the Prisoner’s name and number.  Then send it to Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001.
  Ask the non-feds how they may receive money – check, money order, etc.  It varies by state


  Receipt of this excellent missive notwithstanding, if you wish to be excluded from such blessings in the future, simply advise me.