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"Contracpetion" is Murder, June 3, 11-5, 2013


formerly, Abortion is Murder, and, before that, skyp

(stop killing young  people)


June 3, 2013,  Vol. 11   No. 5

PO Box 7424, Reading, PA 19603

Phone, 484-706-4375


Circulation, 251

Editor, John Dunkle


  “Contraception” is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to baby murder, is sent out at least once a month.  If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you yet for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go to the website.  Emails are free but snail-mail is free only for PFCs, two grand for others.


  I think we can all agree there is nothing peaceful, nonviolent, or prolife about letting innocent children be killed. So I believe we should examine every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect children from being tortured to death. I want to hear from people who’ve been forceful and from those who defend them. I’d also like to hear from those who oppose the prolife use of force and call it violence.


Prisoners  For  Christ:


1.         Curell, Benjamin D., (out on bail)

2.         Evans, Paul Ross 83230-180,  FCI, PO Box 1500, El Reno, OK 73036

3.         Griffin, Michael 310249, BRCF, 5914 Jeff Atles Rd., Milton, FL 32583-00000

4.         Grady, Francis 11656-089, USP Terre Haute, PO Box 33, Terre Haute, IN 47808

5.         Holt, Gregory 129616   Varner Supermax, PO Box 600, Grady, AR 71644-0600    

6.         Kopp, James 11761-055,  USP Canaan, P.O. Box 300, Waymart, PA 18472 

7.         Roeder, Scott 65192  PO Box 2, Lansing, Kansas 66043

8.         Rogers, Bobby Joe 21292-017, USP Beaumont,  PO Box 26050, Beaumont, TX 77720

9.         Rudolph, Eric 18282-058  US Pen. Max,  Box 8500, Florence  CO 81226-8500

10.       Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A,  P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093   

11.       Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, USP, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg  PA 17837



  Here’s the rest of Terry Hughes’s “The Kermit Gosnell of Pennsylvania Avenue”:


  Obama’s war on women and children has a long history. When he was an Illinois State Senator, he chaired the committee that voted on the Born Alive Infant Protection Act designed to guarantee legal protection to babies who survived an attempted abortion. It was drafted after Jill Stanick, working at Christ Hospital, witnessed a baby left to die after surviving an abortion. Obama fought to keep the bill from reaching the Senate floor and, when it did, denounced it by saying a woman paid for a dead baby and she should get what she paid for. When the bill came to a vote, he voted “present” the first two times and only voted against it when he was pressured to vote the way he talked. Even then, he was looking toward the White House and wanted to cover his political ass. That’s why he delayed his PP appearance to a Friday, traditionally a “no news” day just before the weekend. That’s when all cowardly politicians try to sneak through legislation or regulations they know voters don’t want.

  At the time, Obama had been “teaching” Constitutional Law as a part-time ad hoc lecturer (not a “professor” as the pro-abortion media claim) at the University of Chicago. Obama knew any baby born in the USA was automatically a U.S. citizen entitled to full protection of U.S. law, as stated clearly in the U.S. Constitution. He knew by opposing the Born Alive Infant Protection Act he was violating the Constitution. He was a Constitutional lawyer. When he was a Harvard law student, he was editor of the Harvard Law Review.

  During his 2007 campaign for President, Obama championed unrestricted abortion, saying, “If one of my daughters became pregnant, I wouldn’t want her punished by a baby.” Punished. After he became President, he acted immediately by Executive Order to restore American taxpayer funding to all international agencies engaged in abortion, even funding the anti-woman forced abortion activities in Communist China. And, of course, restoring funding to the International Planned Parenthood Federation. He directed Hillary Clinton, as his Secretary of State, to make access to abortion a keystone of American foreign policy in the Third World, especially in Black Africa where most countries had outlawed abortion. Using money from American taxpayers, Clinton financed a media campaign in Kenya to change the Kenyan constitution so abortion will be legal. The campaign was successful. Kenya, the country of Obama’s Black ancestors, is now the new “killing field” in Africa.

  Obama is the first openly anti-Catholic president, all because of his enthusiasm for abortion. Early in his presidency, Obama used his commencement address at the University of Notre Dame to beat the abortion drums in his divide-and-conquer strategy to split Catholic higher education from the Catholic Hierarchy. This strategy was intensified under Obama’s Affordable Health Care law (Obamacare) when Obama’s Department of Health and Human Services dictated that abortion be included, along with contraception and sterilization, as “health care” when the only purpose was to prevent healthy women from having babies. Not surprisingly, Obama had appointed as head of HHS former Kansas governor, Kathleen Sebelius, a “Catholic” who was the open protector of Kansan late-term abortionist, George Tiller, known as “Tiller the Killer” to pro-life activists. The HHS mandate forced Catholic institutions, Notre Dame included, to include insurance coverage for contraceptives, chemical abortions, and sterilizations, or be punished with bankrupting institutional fines and even long prison sentences for administrators refusing to comply. They were told, “If you insist on honoring the Great Commandment of Jesus Christ to ‘love your neighbor as yourself’ through your medical, educational, and charitable activities, you must also agree to finance Obama’s campaign to prevent new life from being born into the world. If you refuse, you will be punished by fines that will force you to terminate these activities and we will put you behind prison bars.”

  Murder is serious business. It leads to lying. Read Genesis 3. Obama’s election campaigns and his terms as President have been built on lies. He’s a consummate liar who spreads calumnies defaming his political opponents, either directly or through his surrogates. In his earliest political campaigns in Illinois, his main tactic was what has become known as “the politics of personal destruction” which routinely commits the vile sin of detraction against any opponent. It was on full display nationally when Mitt Romney ran against Obama in 2012. Month after month, especially in the critical state of Ohio, Obama’s campaign aired a constant drumbeat of lies designed to demonize a kind and generous man, a man who Obama feared would restore America morally and economically, and who was pledged to de-fund Planned Parenthood.

  Now the American people are discovering that Planned Parenthood operates, on a national and international scale, the same kind of charnel houses that Kermit Gosnell operated in Philadelphia, miniature Aushwitzes where the next generation of humanity is being murdered by the millions and where women are treated as worthless breeders who deserve the vile abuse of their bodies and souls inflicted by abortionists and abortion enthusiasts like Barack Obama. Given his longstanding record of enthusiastic support for these criminal abuses, Barack Obama richly deserves being labeled The Kermit Gosnell of Pennsylvania Avenue.




  Tobra takes aim at “40 Days” and other prolife organizations that solicit funds:


Dear Ya'll,

today is the last chance to give to save a life

there will never be an opportunity like this

yes dear brothers & sisters & others

give to buttercup's 40 days of midlife crisis

help buttercup now!!


don't stifle the holy work began

so many years ago with our boy r. terry

recall how we made merry

at those clinics & mills

there is still a chance

so give give your last dime

a time to give

now is here

hurry hurry give to buttercup's midlife crisis


  She continues:


Dandy: WTF? do these money making greedy cowardly bastards, got a video on the meridith bed?


Buttercup: well i hope not, of course on the bright side, they might learn about night things.


Howard: this just proves our long held & seldom supported viewpoint that the antiabortion industry is making as much if not more money than the abortion industry.


Frank: well let's recap for the fine folks & others reading our readworthy email.

            recall if ya'll will those moneymaking prolife slogans of yesteryear.

            WE ARE WINNING TO STOP THE KILLING--89% of amerikan counties do not have abortion clinics!


Kathielee: yes & 96% of nazi german counties did not have concentration camps.




  Most of the recipients of this newsletter came from Todd Stave of “Voice of Choice” after he persuaded about a thousand killers’ helpers to use mail, phone, and especially email to try to stop my prolife activities.  I read and sometimes answered the mail, stopped answering the phone, and saved the email addresses, which I added to a list of those I send the newsletter to.

  At first the “stop-sending-me-this-crap” messages poured in, but now it’s down to a trickle and I still have about two hundred killers’ helpers receiving every copy!

  The most recent opter-outer is  Diana Lewis (


   Please remove me from your email list.  Your hate and vile is disgusting.  You are not Christian in any sense of the word.  You promote murder to further your cause.   May God forgive you.


  My vile are not disgusting.  Wha?


  I still try occasionally to revive that connection I once had with Todd:


  Todd,  Several years ago you rounded up more than a thousand people to make contact with me by phone, by mail, by email, or by visit to talk about our differences of opinion on the legality of murdering young people. 

  Here it is more than three years later and no visitors have shown up – even though I promised them iced tea in summer and hot chocolate in winter.  Few emailers continue to talk to me even though I now send more than two hundred of them this newsletter.  And as for writers and callers lately?  None.

  When I learned that you were gathering friends to challenge me on my prolife beliefs and activities, I was pleased.   I like few things better than talking to people who don’t agree with me.  But I soon learned that the people you persuaded to contact me did not want to talk.  Instead, they wanted to threaten, to curse, to berate, to intimidate, or just to get rid of.  And then they turned silent.

  In other words instead of rounding up a group of literate and fair pro-choicers, you rounded up a bunch of illiterate bullies; like yourself, I might add, because I haven’t heard a word from you either.

  If you do know, though, one or two others of the type I’d like to meet, please give them my addresses and phone number.   And let’s keep in touch.  It’s not too late to change.


  John Dunkle,  204 S. 4th St., Reading, PA 19602,,  484-706-4375




  I believe I transcribe Francis Grady’s letter here more or less accurately:


“pray time”


  Please, dear Lord save all them children from the jaws of the government of the USA.   Raise them all up from the horrible, failing death.  Let them unborn children rise up on Judgment Day to fight the evil law makers of the world.  May the doctors and the mothers of the unborn babies live through the same death they did.  Kill, dear Lord, today the ones that force the underage children to have abortions.

  God, burn all clinics and believers of abortion.  All the “real men” can’t “scare” to do God’s work, ya.  Mr. Benjamin “My Jesus/God” in my soul is different “than” most men, yes most “unnormal” men think they have Jesus in their soul.

  All men that dont stand and bare arms 4-4-4- Jesus unborn children/people.

  Yes Don bare arms.

  All the churches are bullshit 2-2 a big point, And they stand for - 4- faith in Jesus.

  What Jesus die 4 our sin or 2 be yellow bellies.  He rose on the third day.  Yes, yellow belly devil lovers, men that don’t bare arms plust let their tax money pay to kill.  Jesus die -4- all +_2 grow a back bone. 
  The churches across this nations don’t even care 2 open the grave yards across this nation, 2 Jesus was given a tomb and he die 4-4-4- all.  So his unborn children would have a grave 2 lie their souls down until Jesus returns. The unborn children murder them, the churches murder them, ah yes Ben Curell/Don the churches murder them unborn children by not opening their grave yards [here Mr. Grady draws pictures of seven tombstones].  I am piss no grave yards 4 each child 65 million unborn children w/o graves.

  All them churches need 2 wake up.  Ben/Don 1. If the churches don’t “grave” their unborn children on the cost of Federal government, they ain’t a church of God  in the name of Jesus, in the churches of Hell if they don’t grave unborn children.

  Piss I am – when are the boys of this nation/ men, yellow belly going to stand w/Jesus.  “Jesus” my brothers.  When this nation of  men go to release their real Jesus out of their soul.

  The real loving Jesus  Love   He die on the cross.

  Like the Pope said even kills -U- fight 4 the lives of unborn children.

    Prisoner of War – in the name of Christ – I a Real Irish Man – die, reborn, and fight again.




  Sad All Around


  John Allen Burt and his wife managed a Florida home for pregnant mothers. We believe John was falsely accused of touching the breasts of one of the teenage pregnant moms who later fled to Ireland. John was convicted on the hearsay testimony of this rebellious teen mother. His conviction caused great financial and emotional distress to him and his wife. He wrote me earlier this year that if he was not soon released he would soon die in prison. The details of his death are unavailable. Farewell honest soldier.       Dan Holman




  Ilyse Hogue again.  This woman is a very slow learner:


  Rep. Franks may say he is concerned about the conditions that would lead a woman to seek help from someone like Gosnell in the first place.  But we know his true motives. Rep. Franks wants to ban abortion. Period.






  Dear John, From a journalistic perspective, the problem with giving in-depth coverage to the Gosnell trial is that the story ultimately leads to an even dirtier and more shameful secret, namely, that the abortion policy handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court in 1973 has always been Gosnell-by-design.
  In fact, the issue has never gotten in-depth coverage, which is why few Americans really know much about Doe v. Bolton, the companion case to Roe v. Wade.
  There are actually three parts to the abortion policy handed down by the Court in 1973. The public is mostly aware of only the first part. It is only this first part of the policy that gets mainstream attention from the media, not the other two.
  However, in his concurring opinion to Roe and Doe, each of the three parts is candidly outlined by Justice William O. Douglas, using Roman numerals I-III. His concurrence is published under Doe so as to also include Roe, which is followed by Doe. (When I say candidly, I mean within the context of preserving the Court's traditional subtlety in such matters.)
  The first two parts of abortion policy stem from Roe: Roe has a well-known main plan, this is the first part, and a lesser known backup plan, this is the second part. But the third part of the Court's abortion policy stems from Doe.
  The citation is Doe v. Bolton, 410 U.S. 179 (1973), and Justice Douglas' opinion starts at p. 210. But the gist of parts I-II is found at pp. 214-215, and the gist of part II is found at pp. 220-221.
  He explains Roe this way: (I) When it comes to abortion, a woman is free to make the "basic" decision, which is Roe's main plan, but (II) "Such reasoning is, however, only the beginning of the problem," and so Roe has also reserved a backup plan.
  In other words, there are two parts to Roe, a main plan and a backup plan, though only the main plan gets mainstream media coverage.
  Regarding the main plan, the "reasoning" Justice Douglas refers to is that the Court hoped that if it showed women a big white sign saying "Choice," then perhaps they would abate their pregnancies voluntarily, on their own, as the path of least resistance to maintaining the traditional appearances of pregnancy standards.
  Then the reason why he says "[s]uch reasoning is, however, only the beginning of the problem" is that the abortion decision encompasses two alternatives, namely, the decision to keep the baby and the decision to terminate the pregnancy. Ultimately, the Court felt a backup plan was needed in case women went overboard with either alternative.
  The main fear was that if women went overboard by refusing to abort, or were too spaced out to get themselves to an abortion clinic on their own, then the abatement program would fail in its goal of maintaining the appearances of traditional pregnancy standards. The lesser fear was that if women went overboard having abortions, then this could lead to unhealthy population declines.
  In view of these fears, the Court figured that, either way, "[t]he State has interests to protect," such that, if need be, the State can override the woman's abortion decision in either alternative, as the case may be.
  As Justice Douglas explains the Court's backup plan: A) The State can override a woman's decision to refuse an abortion, citing the abatement authority of Jacobson v. Massachusetts (forced vaccination) and Buck v. Bell (forced sterilization), when females run around like "imbeciles afflicted with hereditary forms of insanity or imbecility" and swamp us with "epidemics" of scandalous pregnancies; and, B) the State can also override a woman's decision to have an abortion, citing the "woman's health" and at some point "the life of the fetus" she carries.
  It may be noted that the B-side of the override does get some attention from the media, but there has been a press blackout concerning the A-side of the override, which literally forms the foundation of Roe, as I detailed in my previous letter. See "Contraception" is Murder, June 1, 11-3, 2013.
  As an aside, there is a bit of history in the epithet Justice Douglas uses to describe American women. The original comes from Buck v. Bell, 274 U.S. 200 (1927). The Court, with traditional subtlety, used that case to crack down on flappers in the Roaring 20s. In syllabus ¶1, the Court sounds the alarm, saying that our women are "afflicted with an hereditary form of insanity or imbecility." Here, form of insanity means the flapper craze, imbecility means the sexual imbecility that went along with it, and hereditary means that by 1927 the Court realized that a whole new generation of "feeble minded" females stood eagerly poised to inherit the behaviors of their predecessors.
  The State of Virginia had been a particular nesting ground for flapper behaviors. So in syllabus ¶2, the Court took the opportunity to scold Virginia for its "failure" to apply its forced sterilization law "outside" the confines of its mental institutions, meaning to flappers on the loose; in other words, what the Court found to be "obnoxious" about the law's application was that Virginia could not even control the women like Carrie Buck who had already been confined to mental institutions, and who should therefore have already been under substantial State controls, let alone the women running around on the loose outside in the flapper craze.
  Justice Douglas updated the original by rendering it in the plural ("forms of insanity"), the most notable addition being the hippie craze; and, then, to make a long story short, miffed by what he felt was the need to go along with the Court in Roe by abandoning the decision he had once written for a unanimous Court in Skinner v. Oklahoma, he added harshly that American women are not merely afflicted with imbecility but are imbeciles in their own right.
  Five years later, in Stump v. Sparkman, the Court, ever-possessed by its own subtlety, decided it was a bit too harsh of Justice Douglas to call American women imbeciles in their own right; for by 1978, the Court had seen the new phenomenon of women who can basically make the grade intellectually, at least enough to be "promoted each year" with the rest of the class in college. So instead, the Court explained that the problem is that when it comes to their sexuality in dealing with older youth and young men, American females are still "somewhat retarded." The case was heard in response to a new form of insanity, which at the time was the disco craze. Next to come was Planned Parenthood v. Casey, which was heard in response to the hip hop/dirty dancing craze.
  At any rate, back to the presentation, the Court has reserved forced abortion as a backup plan in case there is no other way to manage women's pregnancies. Yet, aside from this well-kept secret, Roe reads like a fairytale: Roe's main plan makes it sound like a doctor, wearing a white coat, leans over and taps a pregnant lady on the belly with a magic wand, and then, uttering the magic word "Choice," the stork takes the baby back.
  But in real life someone has to do the bloody, grisly, murderous dirty work of killing the babies full time as a career abortion doctor in order to satisfy abatement objectives. That is where Doe v. Bolton comes in. The Court ultimately knew that Roe would be little more than a piece of paper in the absence of a brigade of physicians to perform the abatements. But the Court also knew that seldom would skilled physicians abandon their careers in legitimate medical practice in order to kill babies full time.
  So in Doe v. Bolton, the Court decided to create a safe haven for washed out physicians, by eliminating medical regulations in the first trimester. That way physicians who would normally be weeded out could stay in practice as abortion doctors.
  The reason why the Court allowed for increasing levels of regulation in the second and third trimesters had nothing to do with any real concern about viability or the life of the child. Instead, it was the Court's way of forewarning these washed out physicians that if they fail to get the job done during the first trimester, when the difficulty of the procedures is on par with their limited skills, then they can expect added scrutiny for their actions should they attempt the more challenging second or third trimester procedures.
  It was in this way that the Court in Doe v. Bolton created a safe haven for people like Gosnell, Tiller, and Carhart.
  As Justice Douglas explains this third part of the Court's abortion policy: (III) "In short, I agree with the Court that endangering the life of the woman or seriously and permanently injuring her health are standards too narrow for the right of privacy that is at stake." Doe v. Bolton, supra, at pp. 220-221.
  By this sort of "privacy" is meant not a woman's own privacy in the literal sense per se. Instead, all subtlety removed, by operation codeword "privacy" the Court literally means the privacy of our Nation, collectively as a whole, so as to keep the matter of what the Court calls the sexual "imbecility" of our females as a matter in private to ourselves, so that no one need be the wiser once scandalous pregnancies are aborted.
  That Doe v. Bolton was truly Gosnell-by-design is all the more evident by noticing how candid Justice Douglas was. Notice what great lengths he goes to in expressing the great amount of deference that should be given to washed out physicians who hide in the safe haven of their abortion clinics. He says that, in short, he agrees with the Court that even if these washed out physicians are "endangering the life of the woman or seriously and permanently injuring her health" they should not be stopped, because such concerns are "too narrow" in view of "the right of privacy that is at stake." Hence, the truth be told, the Court is willing to kill women and children to maintain appearances.
  This is the story the Press cannot cover.                                      

                                                     Sincerely, Cal


 “. . . But the Court also knew that seldom would skilled physicians abandon their careers in legitimate medical practice in order to kill babies full time.
   “So in Doe v. Bolton, the Court decided to create a safe haven for washed out physicians, by eliminating medical regulations in the first trimester. That way physicians who would normally be weeded out could stay in practice as abortion doctors.”


  Wow!  I’m going to incorporate this into Step 3 of the six steps I take before visiting the home of a baby killer.




  Ben gets no break: statement regarding the arrest of Benjamin Curell


  Yesterday morning the pastors and elders of Clearnote Church learned that Ben Curell, a deacon of the church, had been arrested for vandalizing Planned Parenthood. No one in the church knew about his plans. We are convinced Ben’s actions were not justifiable civil disobedience. The elders and pastors have met with Ben and admonished him.

  Throughout history faithful Christians have confessed that from conception children bear the image of God. Therefore, we at Clearnote Church have encouraged and will continue to encourage Christians to peacefully and lawfully witness against the great evil of abortion.

  We have counseled Ben to repent and submit to the civil authority that God has placed over us for our good. This authority reflects and points to the judgment of God before Whom we all one day must give an account.


  Rev. Bray sent this around and asked us to contact ClearNote.  Send me any emails you come across.  Here are four I’ve gathered so far:


1  The pastors and elders of the church don’t seem to realize that the second sentence of paragraph 2 contradicts the first.

    Moreover, abolitionists, Jodi Arius, Jesus Christ, Al Capone, fighters in the Warsaw Ghetto, Kermit Gosnell and others have broken the law. Each case has to be examined by itself.  Tired terms like “peacefully and lawfully witness” don’t cut it.


2  Cowards attempting to make a two-fold child of hell out of the only man in their effeminate congregation. 

    On a bad ink day, they shriek and scamper off the battlefield like scared school girls.

    They pervert Romans 13 by giving unlimited obedience to government edicts. These will be among the very 1st to turn in their weapons when it becomes illegal to own them. 


3   If they’d been killing two-year-olds instead of two-month-olds in the mill Ben damaged, would you still have issued that statement?  You sound like Catholic bishops!


4   Church leaders, I have spent most of the past 20-years researching biblical justice as presented in accord with God's holy nature. I caution you to be "slow to speak" in calling Mr. Curell's actions wrong. In fact, please reconsider your condemnation of the deacon, Ben Curell, who sought to establish a witness for God's view of justice over that of man's.
     I have attached a word document for easy access to an apologetic I wrote that was published in 1995; it looks at circumstances far weightier than the breaking of property. I also recommend to you a book by Rev. Michael Bray, A Time to Kill, since both of these deal with the actions of men who have modeled justice consistent with that of biblical heroes like Shiphrah and Puah, Moses, Phineas, Gideon and many, many others who defied the "law of the land" in their expressions of zeal for God's righteousness over the evil of the world (in accord with 2 Cor 7).
     Radical evil requires "radical" (Godly) justice to correct the disease. It is otherwise left to thrive like black mold in a house. We cannot afford to cover it up by turning a blind eye to its existence. To do so is to court death and destruction of those living in the house, and in this case it is a nation that is at risk.
      In the affirmative sense, I implore you to sound forth the justice of God in a condemnation of the evil taking place at the abortion facility. (In this instance, have you spent as much time condemning the works of evil at Planned Parenthood's facility?)


     Affirm your brother, Ben, as a man after God’s own heart.   Warmly in Christ

     Every comment I’ve read so far on the pastors’ and elders’ statement has been disapproving.  Well over 90% of us prolifers would support their statement but I just cannot get the anti-force people to explain themselves.  Someone says we should be peaceful and prayerful, and everybody nods, both ways.

   Common, guys, gimme a break. 



 To send money to the federal Prisoners, those with eight digits after their names, make out a postal money order to the Prisoner’s name and number. Then send it to PO Box 474701,  Des Moines, Iowa 50947-0001.


  Ask the non-feds how they may receive money – check, money order, etc. It varies by state.




  Receipt of this excellent missive notwithstanding, if you wish to be excluded from such blessings in the future, simply advise me.  

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