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Abortion is Murder, 9-10, January, 2012

Formerly Stop the Killing of Young People (skyp) and soon, perhaps, Stop Killing Preemies

January, 2012 Vol. 9 No. 9
PO Box 7424, Reading, PA 19603
Phone – 484-706-4375
Email –
Web –
Circulation – 651
John Dunkle, Editor

Abortion is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to baby murder, is sent out at least once a month. If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go to the website. Faxes and emails are free but snail-mail is free only for PFCs, $100 for others.
Because I believe we should examine every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect those being tortured to death, I want to hear from people who’ve been forceful and from those who defend them.. I’d also like to hear from those prolifers and pro-deathers who call force violence.

Prisoners for Christ:

1. Evans, Paul Ross 83230-180, USP McCreary, P.O. Box 3000, Pine Knot, KY 42635
2. Gibbons, Linda, Vanier WDC, 655 Martin St., P.O. Box 1040, Milton, ON, Canada L9T 5E6
3. Griffin, Michael 310249, 5914 Jeff Ates Rd., Milton, FL 32583-0000
4. Jordi, Stephen 70309-004, FCI P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute IN 47802 6/30
5. Knight, Peter James, P.O. Box 376, Laverton, Victoria, Australia
6. Kopp, James 11761-055, USP Canaan, P.O. Box 300, 3057 Easton Tpk., Waymart, PA 18472
7. Little, David SJRCC, 930 Old Black River Road, Saint John, NB E2J 4T3
8. Moose, Justin 27494-057 FCI Talladega, P.O. Box 1000, Talladega, AL 35160
9. Richardson, Alonzo Lee 12898-021, FCI Pollock Federal Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 4050, Pollock, LA 71467
10. Roeder, Scott P. 65192, PO Box 2, Lansing Kansas 66043
11. Ross, Michael, Custer County Jail, 1010 Main St., Miles City, Montana 59301
12. Rudolph, Eric 18282-058 US Pen. Max, Box 8500, Florence CO 81226-8500
13. Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A, P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093 3/31
14. Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, United States Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg PA 17837

Even though it’s a shameful sin to abandon defenseless victims to their attackers, it’s a far worse sin when you attempt to pass the blame for that sin onto God by claiming that’s what he wanted you to do. And that’s precisely what so many people have done with their rejection of God’s clear and sensible instructions to defend the defenseless, and with their pretenses and fake excuses for rejecting those instructions. Pride is a terrible thing when it leads you to deny your own sin and instead say that God sinned. Peter James Knight

Todd Stave, who runs Voice of Choice and who rents his abortuary to Leroy Carhart so that Leroy can torture to death the older kids, is after me, as you know:

Follow up to Allentown Women's Center Project

Dear supporters and volunteers, It is my pleasure to report that the Allentown project is going very well. I am getting emails from volunteers who believe John and Joyce are getting the message. Please be assured that if we cannot convince them that what they are doing is not acceptable we have Phase II planned.

Here are a few things that I am hearing:
• John's and Joyce's voicemail mailboxes are full. Again, please do not leave messages. If they do not answer, try again at another time. A sustained approach over time is an advantage to us.
• John and Joyce are telling some callers that they are calling the police. Calling people to talk with them - in a non-threatening manner -- about things they are doing is not a crime, even if it is not invited.
• They are scoffing at the idea that we will follow thru on plans to counter protest. So far, you have shown a huge willingness to help victims in need. I have no doubt that if we need to proceed to Phase II we will get all the support needed to deliver our message.
For those of you who want to be sure you are working with someone in need of our help, the following links have been provided by Jen Boulanger.
Dunkle protesting outside the clinic:

John Dunkle outside the doctor's house:

Joyce Mazalewski can be seen starting at about 1:03 on this video (the baby road kill comments):

Please remember to stay on message. Do not argue with them. Do not debate the issue of abortion with them. Be kind and polite in your tone, regardless of how agitated they may seem. Do not use foul language. Do not be threatening in any way, even if they attempt to bait you.
You have not all had a turn to speak with them, so please keep trying until you get through.
Thank you all again. Please keep spreading the word.

By the time this arrived, the “Allentown Women’s Center Project” had petered down to nothing.

With his project Stave flushed out a thousand killers’ helpers. The only one of the thousand to talk to me for a while was “info.” Info sent me a report of my 2007 court trial to prove his point that I am a terrorist. I responded:

Thanks, info. There are mistakes in here that could lead to trouble. I meant to go on record to fix them, but forgot. Thank God you reminded me. First I'll fix them here and then transfer this to my January newsletter.

On Aug. 28, 2007, the U.S. Justice Department filed a civil lawsuit against John Dunkle, an anti-abortion activist from Reading, Pennsylvania, seeking injunctive relief for alleged violations of the Freedom of Access to Clinic Entrances Act ("FACE"), 18 U.S.C. § 248. (true)

According to the complaint, Dunkel posted messages on his webpage and blog encouraging readers to kill an abortion provider by shooting her in the head.
(My name is spelled "Dunkle." No "messages" but a single message written by Dave Branca. When I got this from him, I said, "Dave, this is incendiary. If I post this [and I post everything both in favor of and opposed to our using force in the abortion war] the feds will visit me for sure. If you still want me to post it, I will have to tell them who you are. Still want me to post it?"
"Yes," he said.
I posted, they visited, and I told.)

The postings allegedly targeted a former clinician at the Philadelphia Women's Center and included her name, home address, and photograph, along with instructions about how to kill her and avoid detection.
(The true statements here are "a former clinician," her name, and instructions on how to kill her. By the time I met Mary Blanks, she had left the medical profession to become a serial killer. Dave named her and suggested a way to stop her, but there was no home address, photograph, or instructions about how to avoid detection.)

The complaint alleged that Dunkle's postings constituted a "threat of force to injure, intimidate and interfere with a person providing reproductive health services" in violation of FACE. (true)

The government moved for a preliminary injunction, requiring Dunkle to remove the postings in question and prohibiting him from posting the same or similar messages in the future. (true)

Dunkle, acting as his own legal counsel, filed a response to the motion for injunctive relief and a motion to dismiss. (true)

He argued that his writings were not "threats" under FACE and also maintained that some of the content was posted by a third party.
(The content at issue was all written by a third party.)

The government contested Dunkle's claims, including his argument that the postings were not legally cognizable as "threats" under the statute. (true)

On Nov. 8, 2007, after an evidentiary hearing, U.S. District Judge Thomas Golden granted a permanent injunction, ordering Dunkle to remove the postings and barring him from posting similar messages in the future. The injunction contains the following statement: "Nothing in this Order shall prohibit Defendant from picketing, creating, publishing and disseminating anti-abortion information so long as such activities do not constitute illegal threats and elicit violence." The court also denied Dunkle's motion to dismiss as moot.
(True, and since moot means arguable, the case might be still open.)

Al responds to part of Todd Stave’s emaiI that I posted in the December issue of AIM:Let them know:

1) Protesting in front of people's homes is not acceptable.
Yes, it is, as long as we protest on your whole block. Don't like it? Tough. Stop murdering little children and you'll never see us again. Your neighbors don't like it? Tough. They can pressure you to quit murdering little children, or to move out of the neighborhood.

2) Harassing people at their places of work is not acceptable
True. But picketing the entire block where you work IS acceptable, at least to the courts and the police. Don't like it? Quit your "job" of murdering little children.

3) We respect your opinions, but condemn your behavior
Don't believe the former, and don't care about the latter. We just consider the source: a degenerate, hell-bound, child-molesting and abusing serial child murderer. You have no moral foundation from which to condemn anything.

4) If you choose to continue to protest people at their homes and workplaces, you can expect protests at your homes and workplaces.
So? Think we care? We don't "protest people" anyway. Just what are you going to protest? That we follow the law and the court rulings? That we love little children and want child abusers to stop murdering them? That we love mothers and encourage them to love their children and keep them away from bloody child-molesting murderers?
Just remember one thing: No legislature, no court has ever ruled that a preborn human child does not have the right to defend herself. The right to self-defense is inherent in living things. They all do it, from amoeba to blue whale, from microbe to sequoia.
When government agents set themselves above and against the law, they become criminals. The Nuremberg Principle 4: "The fact that a person acted pursuant to order of his Government or of a superior does not relieve him from responsibility under international law, provided a moral choice was in fact possible to him," or "It is not an acceptable excuse to say 'I was just following my superior's orders.'"
That corrupt judges have ignored the law and denied due process to one who has acted to defend an innocent person when she is incapable of defending herself does not change the law. Neither does it excuse those who act pursuant to such a corrupt judge's advice and break the law. Corrupt judges were hanged, as were some of the ones who carried out their decrees.

Looks as if Todd Stave’s campaign is now defunct. Here’s what I told him:

Hi Todd, your bombardment lasted for about a week – about a thousand phone calls, emails, and letters. I expected more. Most just copied and pasted the four statements you wrote for them. The four or five who went off on their own quit after an exchange or two (very disappointing).
I haven't stopped holding prayer vigils in front of the homes of Jen Boulanger, Sondra Dantzic, Charles Benjamin, John Roizin, Jay Sivitz, and Joel Lebed, but y'all quit anyway; and, your "threat" of holding your own prayer vigils outside my home never materialized. What do I have to do to get back into your bad graces?

Don't let Howard Stern know what little impact he has. The man is fragile. John Dunkle

Oops! I spoke too soon. Here’s what Todd just emailed me, with my responses in parentheses:

Allentown still needs help (Does it ever.)

Dear supporters and volunteers,
I am writing with unfortunate news. (sweet)
Our respectful requests to John Dunkle to stop his aggressive behavior have not achieved our goal. (No, they have not.)
He continues to protest in front of the homes of the Allentown Women's Center executive director and doctor. (Yes, I continue to.)
He has not gotten the message that his behavior is not acceptable. (Not yet, anyway.)
So, as promised we must start Phase II of the Allentown Project. (ha, ha, ha,)
It will take a few weeks to organize phase II and the delay is compounded by the fact we are asking for people's time during the holiday season. (ha, ha, ha)
So, until we are ready to begin phase II I am asking that each of you continue to call and email Mr. Dunkle. (Thanks, Todd.)
I am asking that each of you email and call to John. (You just said that!)
Please do not leave any voice messages and when you do speak with him be polite and kind in your message. (Many do leave voice messages, and most are polite and kind.)
Do not argue and respect his opinions. (yes)
Let him know:
1) Protesting in front of people's home is not acceptable (Yes it is.)
2) We respect your opinions, but condemn your behavior (OK)
3) If you choose to continue the home and personal protests you can expect protests in front of your home. (never happen)
4) We will continue to call to wish you a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, Happy MLK day, Happy Valentine's Day, Happy Ground Hog's day ... etc. (no happy holiday? thank God)
John Dunkle's phone number is 484-706-4375. His email is and his home address is 204 S 4th Street, Reading, PA 19602. (yes)
He has told callers in the past that he is calling the police (nope, never did and never have)
and scoffed at our ability and determination. (That's for sure.)
Be assured that what we are doing is not illegal. (I don't think it is either.)
and that his petulant behavior is evidence that he is getting the message. (I am excited, pleased to be the focus of your attention, but not petulant. I get petulant only when I cannot find something.)
Also, please email if you are in the Allentown, PA or Philadelphia, PA areas and are willing to help in Phase II in Allentown. (Hey! Reading, Reading, not Allentown!)
Let me know how much time you can commit and what your schedule allows. (I'm free all the time, except between 12/6 and 12/14 when I'll be in California -- and since I am the only one who will show up, that's all you need to know.)
If you are not in central PA and are still willing to help, I will need to find a few people to vet volunteers and coordinate schedules. (I can put up three for a few days if they are willing to stay in tight quarters.)
Please let me if you are willing to help in the administration aspects of Phase II. (Count me in. My info's above.)

Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter
(I like you here just fine, thank you.)

Here’s more talk between Al and Neal about the prolife use of force. Brad joins them:

Al, "President Obama...asked both sides in the abortion debate to try harder to find common ground."
"Common ground?" What?
It is the government's failure to punish the murderers of preborn children that creates this situation. If the government was upholding the law (start at Article I, sections 9 & 10) private defenders and self-appointed administrators of justice would not be stepping into the breach.
The government of Kansas created this situation by failing to prosecute and punish Tiller (and other abortionists). Tiller, like any other criminal suspect, was entitled to due process of law before (upon due proof) being penalized for his murders. The government officers of Kansas created the situation that resulted in his being denied due process and being summarily executed by a vigilante.
Pro-lifers would only be searching out secret abortionists and reporting them to the proper authorities, who would then go in, arrest, prosecute, convict them and subject them to the penalty for multiple first degree murder.

The old law dictionaries defined "abortionist" as one who solicits or perpetrates the crime of abortion. The one who solicits abortion is the mother. Both aborting mother and the butcher [Moloch child-sacrifice priest] fall within the definition.

Neal, Common Ground at the gallows! How's that for a slogan.

Al, Though the Nuremberg Trials were deeply flawed as criminal trials, the chief principle established, that one cannot invoke, "I was just doing my duty"; "I was ordered to do it," and the like as proof against being personally held to account for egregious conduct. That one's own life, or that one's own loved one’s lives, may be forfeit if one refuses to carry out orders to commit heinous crimes is at best a mitigating factor at sentencing, not a full excuse for such conduct.

Neal, The response I've gotten to "The Old Rugged Cross Today" is that people are not ignoring the "babies death bound."
That is exactly like someone watching a woman being raped and saying to the other people watching that rape is bad and those men should not be raping the woman is not, still, a kind of ignoring the duty to actively intervene to stop the rape. I think it is that twist in logic that explains how Christians in this nation can believe they are alright with God simply because they let themselves see that the woman is being raped and that rape is a bad thing. Such cowardice is exactly the grounds of collaboration that many were convicted for at Nuremberg. The fault of Nuremberg was there was no indictment issued for the whole German people who were not either killed or incarcerated for resisting the Nazi explosion.
Jonathan any ideas for an image that graphically demonstrates there is an ignorance involved in allowing a crime to occur even when it is admitted that the crime exists and that it is bad.

Al, Even if there was a collective responsibility of the German people, that does not carry down to individuals.
Many of the "German" people were not Germans ethnically. Many who were citizens of Germany by normal standards had left Germany, such as Jews, who were almost all gone from Germany by 1939 yet remained German citizens.
Many citizens of Germany, born in Germany, were Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, Gypsies, French, Dutch, and other non-Germans ethnically but German citizens all the same.
Many people who were German citizens were not allowed to vote. Children under 21 could not vote. Women had only gotten the right to vote in 1918, and Hitler came to power only 15 years later, before a large part of German women had become accustomed to voting. Once Hitler had consolidated his grip on power, he abolished voting.
Hitler instituted strict gun control.
His Brownshirts dealt harshly with "grumblers" and opponents of the regime. They later were shot and replaced by the SS.
Do you seriously believe the German population should have risen against such a ruthless regime? The Hitler gang was supported by the military, for he had returned them to glory and power.

Neal, Not only do I seriously believe it, Al, I can point out the actual time in reality when the German Christian opposition to Hitler could have prevented the Nazis from coming to power had the Christian coalition that was developing to stop him not been undermined by the Catholic Pope's decision to tell the Catholics to stand down and guaranteed the Catholic collaboration with Hitler by signing a Concordat with Hitler promising to provide special treatment to German Catholics in return for the political decision allow the Nazis to come to power. Those historical facts are there for anyone to see. It's just that men like you Al don't want to face the fact that God has put into our hands the power to control this world because to gain that power we must be willing to sacrifice our own lives. But if we lack the will or the balls or whatever to seize the power to rule this world, it's not God who gets blamed for it, but us, each and every one of us as individual men. For further proof of my point, look closely at who God chooses to punish for the refusal to prevent Satan from ruling this world: it's individuals, Al, not societies. Society is an abstraction that does not exist except as a figment of the imagination of individuals when you remove the individual from it.

Brad, Neal-That's an interesting point. Now you're making me re-think this. In the Bible God judges whole nations, as well, but He always(?) does so only when also rescuing a remnant of true believers out of the judged nation. Is that right? Does He never slay the innocent (David's children?). Wanting to understand this better,

Neal, Brad, the fact that God always saved a remnant before Christ was the same reason God saved a remnant after Christ: to be both forerunner and afterrunner to validate the truth revealed in Holy Scripture about the Messiah. So the matter of God saving a remnant is not the same question as the one Al raised which refers to whether or not the individual is responsible for the sins of the group that individual is a part of.
You raise a different question: the question of God's dealing with innocent people.
The answer to your question requires understanding that there is no "innocent" who are born and have reached the age of accountability. Never have been since Adam and Eve fell. We are all born in sin. By God's grace our sins are not held to our account when we are children whose child faith in Christ saves them. In other words, the only "innocent" we can see are the babies not yet born who are in Christ by default because they have not sinned, and/or those born who have not reached the age of accountability for their sins. Said again: whether we are born and have reached what they used to call the age of accountability or not is the only criteria that explains our relationship with Christ. Once we have reached the age of accountability, repentance and faith in Christ that leads to walking in the Spirit instead of the flesh is the only way to be saved from the curse of the law. This is not Neal Horsley speaking; this is historic orthodox Christianity--except for those who taught that Baptism itself was required for salvation--that became submerged in the morass of confusion created when Christians began to pretend they could be all right with God without giving their lives in defense of the least of His children if those children were at risk of death. That last point means that were I on a Jury of a woman who chose her own life over the life of her child when it was a choice of her or her child, I would admit she had the right of self-defense in this world, but I would be very concerned that if she did not repent to die in Christ, God would count her an unrepentant murderer on Judgment Day, like the vast majority of Christians in this nation are at risk of being counted because of their negligent disregard (even as they pretend they are not ignoring them) of the plight of the babies being led to death.
See what I'm trying to point out?

Brad, So, to be sure that I understand you, are you saying that if a person does not actually give up his own life (or be incarcerated in the attempt to do so) in the defense of a person who is being murdered, he does not have a saving-faith, but rather has a damnable faith?
Put another way, are you saying that our faith is known by our works, and if our works do not include the actual giving up of one's life (or liberty) in doing his best to rescue someone being threatened with murder, then our faith is not the kind of faith that saves one's own life?

Neal, Brad, you asked, "are you saying that if a person does not actually give up his own life (or be incarcerated in the attempt to do so) in the defense of a person who is being murdered, he does not have a saving-faith, but rather has a damnable faith? “
Your words make it sound like there is no difference between being willing to do something and actually doing it. Hardly any soldiers are asked to be Kamikazes but all soldiers are asked to be willing to die if that's what the battle requires. I say that men of God who do not make their willingness to die in defense of babies being led to death are examples of cowards and no soldiers at all, certainly not Christian soldiers. Paul Hill and I actually agreed on something Brad, something that was the basis for our fellowship. Paul Hill demonstrated the validity of his commitment to this battle. I am committed and am looking for other men who are equally committed.
I am not involved in an abstract theological discussion about the number of angels can be put on the head of a pin. I am involved in trying to stop this nation from butchering God's children.
But to answer your question about who will be damned, I don't have the duty of Judging on Judgment Day, so I am not in a position to speak for the Lord on that matter of what He will do with this generation of American Christians. I have the duty of being an example of what a man of God is supposed to be in this generation.
Here's what I do know. I do know that in the history of the ancient Church when the Lapsi Christians decided God allowed them to stand around and do nothing but burn incense to Caesar, or curse Jesus, or whatever Caesar's command of the day required while Caesar went about butchering in the most gruesome manner imaginable generations of Christians who refused to serve Caesar even if it meant they had to die for their refusal, those Lapsi Christians were eventually forced to publically repent in this world for their collaboration with Caesar or they were not allowed to have access to the Lord's Table. That is a historical fact. And the meaning of that fact was clear: God had the Churches who were led by those who survived the persecution without bowing to Ceasar gang up to bring the Lapsi Christians under conviction for the way they had acted while they claimed to be Christians in good standing with the Lord as an example of what would happen to them if they did not repent. While there was much turmoil about other matters in the churches, turmoil that led to grave disagreements and even bloodshed, nobody in the churches tried to defend what the Lapsi had done except to allow them return to the Table if they repented in whatever form the local churches demanded. If the Lapsi refused to repent, the refusal of access to the Table was the churches way of announcing they believed the Lapsi would go to hell because access to the Table was access to the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. Those without access to Him were hell bound.
To me it looks like the Lapsi have returned and taken over this generation of Christians. In other words, I believe I am surrounded by a world of Christians who have decided all God requires from them when this government decides to sanction the butchering of the least of God's children is talk about being opposed to abortion then go about enjoying the benefits of this society, train their children to do the same, and become livid if anyone suggests their worship of the Lord is an exercise in vainglory that has nothing to do with following the example of the Apostles and the Lord Jesus Christ and could possibly even land them in hell.
So I'm saying as clear as I know how, Brad, my actions are designed to show God I'm willing to do whatever is necessary to avoid being an example of the Lapsi. I am willing to even die fighting to stop it if that is what has not been done yet in God's movement to stop this legalized murder. And that obviously has not been done yet. That's why I say it's what is to come next or we make the world think Jesus Christ is a cowardly hypocrite who cares more about our children than He does about the babies being legally butchered by their mothers.
That is a lie. God so loved the world...not just the children of Christians.
If I do not continue advocating the strategy I embody I believe I would be overcome with fear at the cowardly example I would make of myself.
Nothing frightens me more that being told on Judgment Day that the Lord doesn't know me. To date my fear is under control because I believe the Lord knows that were Christians to decide to help me form an army to fight this evil to the death, I would not shrink back.
So you decide what I believe about works and faith and theology and Jesus Christ because what it all comes down for me is to demonstrate to the Lord I know what it means to walk in His Spirit and not in the flesh. To me, that is what salvation consists of. All else, as Salomon noticed, is vanity.
To walk in the Spirit of Jesus Christ is to arrest the outlaws as the first step in leading people to Him. If we fail to do that, we are lawbreakers--outlaws--ourselves. Christian outlaws. I spent years telling thousands of outlaws, most of whom were churched people, that if they trusted people who told them they could get to heaven being unrepentant outlaws, they would go to hell. I say that same thing today if anybody will listen.
Is this generation of Christians breaking the law by mouthing their opposition to abortion yet refusing to even consider going to war to stop it? I know we all can foresee the babies being killed tomorrow and the next days. The matter of foreseeability is the basis for conviction of negligence, in this case of negligent homicide.
Christians today believe they can foresee the inevitable slaughter of the least of God's children yet not have blood guilt when they merely mouth words rather than take up arms to stop people being led to death. I think they are deluding themselves and risking hell for themselves and their children.
Jesus set His face like flint. So did the Apostles. As the Lord mentioned, He could call down the hosts of heaven to fight for Him if that was what was required. It was not required then. I suggest it is exactly what is required next and explain exactly how we are to do it
You decide, Brad, whether God will allow unrepentant Christian outlaws into heaven. What you decide, unless you repent of making the wrong decision, will be accounted against you on Judgment Day. I know how many theologians have put their walls around Christians teaching them they don't have to be afraid of being sent to hell on Judgment Day. I don't put up that wall because I know too much about hell to take any chances presuming to grant people a license that might end up being revoked by the Lord who, after all, will do His Trinitarian Will and no one else's on Judgment Day. I think that's why Paul said we were to work out our salvation with fear and trembling because some things will not be known until That Day and anyone who presumes to speak for the Lord on things the Lord has reserved for Himself on that Day is an example of the sin of presumption.

Brad, Thanks, Neal. Well put. May we all be counted faithful to do God’s will.

Dear John, Please make sure the Voice for Choice people get my last two letters (Story of Roe & Two Myths About Roe) with your newsletter. That way they can be educated. This way they will find out the truth that the Voice for Choice is really a voice for a sharp pair of pruning shears hiding behind the big white sign that says "Choice" to ensure abatement in case voluntary measures fail to satisfy objectives. For "Choice" is used not only as a beckoning call to persuade women to abort voluntarily as the path of least resistance for controlling their pregnancies, it is also used as a deceptive guise to make the public believe all abortions are truly voluntary in the United States.
From reading your last newsletter, I thought Kathy might be interested in the story of American hero Sgt. Meyer. So here it is.
Sgt. Dakota Meyer was a U.S. Marine stationed in Afghanistan, a corporal at the time. His fellow Americans were ambushed. Meyer wanted to save them, but American military officers commissioned by the President of the United States ordered him NOT to save those American lives. At first Meyer hesitated to save them, because he respected that disobeying the orders of one's superiors is not to be taken lightly. So instead of taking matters into his own hands, at first he pleaded with his superiors to reverse themselves on that decision. But in the end they told him, "Stare decisis. The decision shall stand."
At that point, Sgt. Meyer decided to disregard the orders of his superiors by saving American lives instead. In effect, he decided on his own initiative that "semper fi" (always faithful) trumped "stare decisis" (the decision shall stand). He decided that it was more faithful to save American lives than to obey the orders of his superiors not to, and so he put his own life on the line to save them.
For his act of courage, by act of the U.S. Congress, President Obama bestowed the Medal of Honor on Sgt. Dakota Meyer, which is the nation's highest military honor. So from this we see two elements: one is that Americans really do have the courage to save American lives, even when it means disregarding the orders of their superiors;and, second is that even the president himself can honor the heroism of those who put American lives before the orders of their superiors, even when those superiors are commissioned as officers by the president.
So what would Kathy have to say to about this? Should we condemn Sgt. Meyer for taking matters into his own hands by saving American lives even when it meant defying orders from his superiors? Should he have prayed and fasted instead, being obedient to the orders of his superiors, while American lives were at stake? Or should we honor Meyer's courage for taking matters into his own hands instead, to save American lives, even though it meant defying the orders of his superiors?
There is a parallel in this to what Scott Roeder did to save American lives. At first he hesitated, because our superiors at the U.S. Supreme Court have ordered us not to save American lives. So he pleaded for them to reverse themselves on that decision. But they refused, saying, "Stare decisis. The decision shall stand." It was at that point that Roeder defied orders by going into action to save American lives, while risking his own in the process. The truth be told, Roeder single-handedly saved the lives of more American children than have all of our troops in Iraq and Afghanistan combined.
So why is it that President Obama did not give Mr. Roeder a medal to recognize the nation's appreciation for his courage in saving American lives in defiance of the orders of his superiors, like he did for Sgt. Meyer? The answer is a simple one.
Even though Americans really do have the courage to save American lives, including when it means defying orders and risking their own lives, and even though our nation's leaders really can honor the courage it takes to do so, the problem is that very few Americans ultimately have the courage to face the flood of unwanted pregnancies that will flood our churches, schools, and homes as soon as anyone makes it too difficult for abortion doctors to practice. This difference explains why Sgt. Meyer is hailed as a hero, and Scott Roeder is jailed as a criminal. It also explains why no pro-life organization condemned what Sgt. Meyer did, while so many of them chimed in to condemn what Mr. Roeder did. Sincerely, Cal.

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