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Abortion is Murder, 8-15, April, 2011

Formerly Stop the Killing of Young People (skyp) and soon, perhaps, Stop Killing Preemies

April, 2011 Vol. 8 No. 15
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John Dunkle, Editor

Abortion is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to baby murder, is sent out at least once a month. If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go the website. Faxes and emails are free but snail-mail is free only for PFC’s, $100 for others.
Because I believe we should use every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect those being tortured to death, I want to hear from people who’ve been forceful. I’d also like to hear from those who disagree with me.

Prisoners for Christ:

1. Evans, Paul Ross 83230-180, USP McCreary, P.O. Box 3000, Pine Knot, KY 42635
2. Gibbons, Linda - Vanier WDC, 655 Martin St., P.O. Box 1040, Milton, ON, Canada L9T 5E6
3. Griffin, Michael 310249, Walton C.I., 691 Institution Rd, Defuniak Springs, FL 32433 9/11
4. Jordi, Stephen 70309-004, FCI P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute IN 47802 6/30
5. Knight, Peter CRN 158589, Port Philip Prison, P.O. Box 376, Laverton, Victoria, Australia
6. Kopp, James 11761-055, USP Canaan, P.O. Box 300, 3057 Easton Tpk., Waymart, PA 18472
7. Little, David SJRCC, 930 Old Black River Road, Saint John, NB E2J 4T3
8. Moose, Justin – Piedmont Regional Jail, PO Drawer 388, Farmville, VA 23901 (new)
9. Richardson, Alonzo Lee 12898-021, FCI Pollock Federal Correctional Institution, P.O. Box 4050, Pollock, LA 71467
10. Roeder, Scott P. 65192, PO Box 2, Lansing Kansas 66043
11. Ross, Michael, Custer County Jail, 1010 Main St., Miles City, Montana 59301
12. Rudolph, Eric 18282-058 US Pen. Max, Box 8500, Florence CO 81226-8500
13. Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A, P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093 3/31
14. Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, United States Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg PA 17837 8/25

The Lord has asked people to make sacrifices related to opposing abortion which all but a handful have had too weak a heart to make. And they’ve looked for any pretense they could conjure up to claim that the sacrifice wasn’t required. They even deluded themselves, as people often do, into “believing” the pretense was real . . . When they get what they’ll get, they’ll fully deserve it. Peter Knight

This completes the eighth year of “Abortion is Murder.” I figure I’ve edited about 125 issues. Where are they?

I’ve been thinking about, and hoping to hear, a response to Peter Knight’s charge that I’ve posted twice: we prolifers at the mills do more harm than good. Not only do we turn away less than 1% of women planning abortion but those we do turn away are the very ones who would cause the baby killers the most trouble -- through lawsuits, police complaints, emotional distress, etc.
Finally, a response did occur to me. Peter’s charge can be leveled at every prolifer, even someone who does no more than say “abortion is wrong.” Just saying it might influence a woman to cancel her Planned Parenthood appointment. And if that’s all it would take, just imagine the distress she might cause the folks involved in the killings.
So, I’m back to my pre-Pater state – we prolifers do what we can. If we are people of courage, we are where those like Peter and Shelley are. If we are activists like me, we ask God’s forgiveness and try to do more. And if we are like the other 99%, the “go along to get along” types, well, that’s at least better than being pro-death.
I told this to my brilliant friend at the AWC and he came up with two more reasons for opposing Peter. I’ll get him to write them out because I don’t want to mess them up.


If every Pastor, Politician, Priest, and "Pro-lifer" would just be honestly true to their professed belief and agree to the following statement, abortion would be at an end within days or at the most weeks:


If you cannot agree to this proclamation, then you had better re-examine your claim to be anti-abortion. You may feel emotionally sorry and have a twinge of guilt for the death of these "fetuses" (who you don't really consider kids) or think that by picketing you are earning points in heaven or being more righteous than others, but you ARE NOT anti-abortion; you are hypocrites.
Regina Dinwiddie

Dear John, The true story of abortion is found lurking around the dumpster behind the abortion clinic. But the Press cannot cover the story for fear of exposing a shocking truth: The children have had help into the dumpster from both sides!
The true story of abortion is that our two-faced religious and conservative leaders quietly hired our cowardly feminist leaders as a hitman to clear our pews, school desks, and homes of awkward pregnancy scandals. That way our religious and conservative leaders will look like good shepherds after all, who still manage to keep their flocks looking "in standards" even despite the sexual revolution. In return, our feminist leaders are allowed to hold positions of authority that they would otherwise be denied if people thought women cannot control their own pregnancies, let alone their own judgment.
Of course, like anyone who hires a hitman, our religious and conservative leaders deny their complicity. But at the same time, they have to make sure it is not too difficult for the hitman to do the job.
I usually pick on the Catholics as an example. But today I will pick on the Mormons. Mormon leaders know their "honor code" is not keeping the coeds at Brigham Young University looking "in standards." They know they are getting plenty of "help" from the abortion clinic. With legal abortion, at worst a few of the girls come to school with their knees showing. But without legal abortion, there would be a lot more than just their knees showing, because pregnant bellies have a way of popping out and making a showing all their own!
So, with one face, the Mormons deny complicity, saying, "Human life is a sacred gift from God. Elective abortion for personal or social convenience is contrary to the will and the commandments of God. Church members who submit to, perform, encourage, pay for, or arrange for such abortions may lose their membership in the Church."
But, then, with another face, they say, "Church leaders have said that some exceptional circumstances may justify an abortion, such as when pregnancy is the result of incest or rape, when the life or health of the mother is judged by competent medical authority to be in serious jeopardy, or when the fetus is known by competent medical authority to have severe defects that will not allow the baby to survive beyond birth. But even these circumstances do not automatically justify an abortion. Those who face such circumstances should consider abortion only after consulting with their local Church leaders and receiving a confirmation through earnest prayer."
Some of your readers may recall the expose (or attack, as you called it) that I did about how the Mormons teamed up with the Catholics to derail the Human Life bill, which would have latched the gate shut on the issue of person status. Some of your readers may also recall the expose (or attack, as you again called it) that I did about how the Catholic Church refused to help Georgia close the latch with its Personhood Amendment.
In a nutshell, those are not the legislative models these churches want. Instead, they want something where everyone knows they deny their complicity, but at the same time the latch on the gate is left open so the hitman can come like a wolf in the night to steal the sheep, thereby clearing our pews, school desks, and homes of awkward pregnancy scandals. That way everything stays looking "in standards."
Knowing this is advance, you would not be surprised that Utah's Mormon U.S. Senator Mike Lee was one of three Republicans who voted against defunding Planned Parenthood in the Senate this year. Utah's other Mormon U.S. senator is Orin Hatch, who infamously proposed the Hatch Amendment to derail the Human Life bill with something falling short of closing the latch on the gate to affirm person status.
So the children really are being helped into the dumpster behind the abortion clinic from both sides. On the one side, the hitman wears a sign that says, "We do the dirty work." On the so called "other" side, those who hired the hitman in the first place wear a sign that says, "We deny complicity." Together both sides are busy making sure females keep their pregnancies looking in standards. Cal

You'd think by now that Resident Obama would make a mistake and appoint a pro-life judge to sit on any court. So far Obama's residency has been one mistake after another -- his stimulus package, obamacare, no drilling off shore, no drilling in ANWAR -- Oh, I don't have time for all the rest. But, when it comes to saving the little babies, Obama never makes a mistake as he wants them all dead. Why can't just one judge who honors the sanctity of human life slip through the cracks.
Sandra Day O'Connor, the first woman on the Supreme Court, slipped through. Reagan nominated her in 1981 thinking she was pro-life and she was confirmed 99 to 0, but she turned out to be a supporter of baby killing. In 1989, O'Connor stated during the deliberations over the Webster case that she would NEVER overrule Roe while on the Court.
So, why can't this happen in reverse -- a pro-lifer slips through, but noooooo, the devil never sleeps as he controls the mind of Obama, who already in his short time as the Resident has appointed two supporters of baby killing to the Supreme Court. Dr. Frank.

The Way We Are
By John Dunkle

Among the horrible consequences of war, the worst is the fact that the bravest, smartest, and most magnanimous young men get killed. Among Catholics these are the ones who would have become priests. The gap is filled by individuals of lesser quality.
Because of World War II, that was the condition when I grew up. Although my older brother heard the talk on chastity when he entered the seventh grade, it was no longer offered when I got there three years later (1947). When I was considering becoming a priest myself, my friend, a seminarian, told me not to worry about masturbation. Not worry about masturbation? And I had thought that chastity was the Catholic way! That was also about the time John Rock invented the birth control pill. The moral theologian at my friend’s seminary announced to his class, “Gentlemen, I think we have discovered the solution to the problem of Catholic sexuality.” The problem of Catholic sexuality? I had thought that “problem” was a gift, one of the ways we can imitate Christ, and here was this teacher of priests affirming a practice that the anti-Catholic George Bernard Shaw had called “mutual masturbation”!

Since then I’ve heard nothing. Sunday Masses still draw customers, everybody files up to receive the Eucharist, nobody lines up to go to confession, and the average number of children born to a Catholic couple is 2.3, about the same as to a pagan couple.

“The wages of sin is death,” says God, and sin did not disappear just because it was not mentioned. And so death followed. Nearly twenty years after the words masturbation and contraception disappeared from the Catholic lexicon, as midnight follows the setting sun, the word abortion entered. We made it legal to kill the innocent and to kill them in unprecedented numbers and in the worst possible way – by torture.

All this leads up to a conversation I had a few weeks ago. A gentleman my age who leads his parish’s pre-cana program was complaining about the answers they receive to one of the questions on the survey they administer to all new couples: Are you cohabiting at the present time?
“Seventy-three percent of them say yes,” he says.
“Kick ‘em out,” I bluster.
“Can’t do that. The priests don’t do anything.”
“Yea, but it would cost them. The bishop would come down hard on them when he got the protests. But not on you – you don’t have anything to lose.”
He mumbles a response which I don’t catch, and I leave smug in my one-upmanship.
I have a son who’s a Jesuit priest. I tell him this story and he says, “You do it. Ask your pastor for permission to talk to couples preparing for marriage, and then give them the message.”
“Are you kidding,” I say, “I could never do that.”

So it goes.

A Protestant’s Confession
By Royce Dunn

Contraception did not command my attention easily. Assuming it nonthreatening to existing human life, and hearing no objections from the voices I respected most, I regarded it a minor issue.
But the glass darkly began turning translucent and, eventually, transparent during my research for Sex Education and Your School Board and for Planned Parenthood: What the Facts Reveal. Not only did I observe contraception's grievous influence on youth and its abiding intimacy with abortion, but I also perceived within it a self-directing spirit. When released with government approval into an unmindful nation, contraception, I noted, worked a will of its own, and its power to injure and destroy called to mind the principalities of the air which Ephesians 6 warns against.
Today, I am among the small but growing Protestant minority who deem conception God's domain and contraception a devious intruder. If loss of human life is a major indicator, contraceptives that contain birth control components comprise the most deadly force in history. The Pill (in over 40 varieties) Norplant, Depo-Provera, Prostaglandins, and the solely abortifacient intrauterine devices (lUDs) have, by research estimates, killed in America alone over 150 million preborn citizens after their conception. (The terms contraception and birth control overlap, as seen in "contraceptive birth control" and "abortifacient birth control." The Pill is called an "oral contraceptive" or OCP, but when its pregnancy control components fail, its abortive component controls birth by preventing the child's implantation in the uterus. See "Abortifacient Birth Controls: The Leading Killer of Human Beings in America and the World," p. 2)
If contraception bears homage to the spirit world, as 1 contend, that helps explain the mystery of today's passive Church amidst an unspeakable holocaust, and it helps explain the immense divide between our boisterous pro-life rhetoric and our ineffectual pro-life action. It also helps explain our readiness to apply the same regrettable response of nonintervention that our Church forebears applied to slavery in America and to Nazism in Germany. As did they, we have yielded to a spiritual stronghold, and the senior villain is contraception rather than the surgical abortions on which prolife continues to focus. Satan knows those abortions (or the chemicals ready to supplant them) are secure so long as contraception is secure. He knows the annual loss of 1.3 million American infants to surgical mutilation today is far below the number of preborns killed in the U.S. by abortifacient birth controls, and that loss does not address the capabilities of contraception to tempt, cripple, and destroy incrementally.
Without contraception's influence, legal abortions could not endure, and so long as they do, many of us will assume the term “unwanted children” applies only to abortion defenders. Instead, God's test is surely on us His Church, for the abortion industry requires no testing. Said beloved clergyman Martin Niemoller in 1946: "Christianity in Germany bears a greater responsibility before God than the National Socialists, the SS and the Gestapo." Similarly, it was Israel's apostasy that grieved God most, not the cruelty of pagan nations. We who are “prolife” condemn abortion in bold terms and speak of the “helpless innocent children” who are mercilessly dismembered -- yet the vast majority of those children die alone, with no adults standing legally and peacefully near the abortuary door, to pray and plead humbly in their behalf. My generation has yielded to contraception because the portion of our hearts ordained for children has found other interests, and as a result we are less detached from abortion industry values than we want to assume.
Margaret Sanger, the mother of family planning, inflicted greater injury on our nation than any other person who has lived on earth this century. She wrote: "Civilization, in any true sense of the word, is based upon the control and guidance of the great natural instinct of Sex. Mastery of this force is possible only through the instrument of Birth Control." Through Sanger's relentless guidance, contraception forged the path for America's sexual revolution and its accompanying depravities. It forged the path for unrestricted abortion and its inestimable death toll. And it forged the path for the "new morality" Sanger crusaded for, while extolling "Birth Control" (a term she popularized) as "my religion." By embracing family planning values, America has sown to the wind and reaped the whirlwind. When modern contraceptives were being developed at mid-century, U.S. doctors were treating 4 sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), illegitimacy was at 4%, and abortions were estimated to be 100,000 annually. Soon thereafter, officials in our democracy decided with their human reasoning that sexuality in our nation needed institutional management and that fornication could be made safe for both single adults and youth. Today, U.S. physicians are treating more than 50 strains of STRs, illegitimacy has reached 35%, and abortions (surgical and abortifacient) are estimated to be about 10 million annually. As a result, our economists tell us that illegitimacy alone can bankrupt the U.S., and anthropologists tell us that never before in history has such a high percentage of children, in any culture, grown up fatherless. Add to these losses a 100% increase in divorce since 1960, an alarming rise in abuse and violence. As this century closes, America bears the shame God assigns to nations that reject chastity, fidelity, and procreation - the badge of Sodom. Legalization of same sex-marriages looms before us in significant measure because we who claim to know Christ have joined the grim coalition against children. Contraception has served to steal our affection for them and, thereby, our will to seriously defend them. Little should we marvel that homosexuality fills that void in our society.
Yet there is a more intimate reason for my opposition to contraception. It was reaffirmed recently when a friend told me about an elderly missionary mother. When asked to cite her "most important accomplishment in life," she replied, "Raising my six kids." She then told about her investment in her children and how each of them had become "a light in the world."
That testimony speaks eloquently to my personal loss. My wife and I have a son and daughter whom we cherish and who are developing, with diligence, the gifts God has graced to them so that they, too, can be lights to the world. Daily, I rejoice in their lives, but I wonder how many more lights God wanted to originate in our family. The evidence suggests my wife and I could have had additional children with little difficulty, and though we yielded no ground to abortion, we fell prey to its more deceptive and senior partner.
With passing years, an abiding sadness has settled into my spirit, and I do not want to lose it, for it has taught me the incomparable worth of procreation. Today, my loss is all too similar to that of grieving parents who have had to bury sons and daughters -- and it is also similar to that of regretful mothers and fathers who have by trifle aborted their preborn babies. How many children did God desire in my family? I long to know -- and long to know their interests, their gifts, their laughter, and their own family members. But most of all, I long to know the light they could have brought into the world.

May God grant that readers of this will welcome into their homes the uniquely wondrous gift -- children.

Here’s the rest of Paul’s article about military tactics:

Guerrilla fighters are called upon by God, not by man. It is important to listen to God's instruction as opposed to man's. Many will circulate “the message.” After objectives have been met, the media, even of an evil-biased government, will report a generalized account of the guerrilla army's dissatisfactions. Soldiers must know The Holy Scriptures, have a sound Moral Code based on those Scriptures, and be of good-conscience and sound mind. They must be duty-bound, courageous, and have a deep respect for the value of human life -- on EITHER side of the issues. As well, patience is a virtue that will allow the triumph over the heathen in every form.


Locating, identifying, and putting an end to traitors of our nation, foreign terrorists who intend to defy The Christian West, and those who commit murder on our soil are all top priorities in the fight. Two key factors to consider, while gathering intelligence in the field, concerning a “fixed” enemy target, (fixed in this context meaning, a target associated with the enemy, operating from a stationary position, as opposed to a mobile unit of enemy personnel) are as follows:

a) never establish predictable behaviors, and never strike against the same grounds twice;

b) bring along essentials for recon; i.e., provisions to ensure intel, nourishment, and safety.

The soldier's mission in the field during reconnaissance missions is obviously, to gather intelligence. But the guerrilla fighter, after experience, knows to establish the four main preliminary positions of assault. Each location in the field of battle compliments the other superbly. Understanding the complexities of each offensive position, and realizing how they coordinate to insure mission objectives is a valuable skill to master in the field. These areas are:

a) the observation point -- at the topographical crest -- where intel is collected
b) the fire support base -- a point establ¬ished in remote locations, as a place to stage, prepare, store supplies in an occupied zone, and a place to retreat to until a full-retreat can be accomplished;
c) the firing position -- the pre-determined point of attack, as close to the military crest as possible (“military crest”, as for this application, defined as – the highest point inside of the hostile region, other than the topographical crest, that allows maximum fire-coverage, visibility, and concealment from enemy personnel)
d) the dummy position -- a place that is unoccupied and fools the enemy as to the guerrilla's exact location; i.e., the elbow of a ridge that echoes loud noises, et cetera.

One should consider the objectives of the guerrilla military unit. The guerrilla is battling an overwhelming presence. The reason that they have resorted to these tactics is because they are out-numbered, out-supplied, out-funded, and they can never attempt to attack the enemy head-on. Therefore, the guerrilla employs the use of these tactics to snipe, attack the rear, the flanks, deprive supplies to, and confound the enemy on all fronts. The leaderless resistance method is the best initial response in protecting the homeland, and protecting the citizens of our homeland. A large, and complex hierarchical organization only gives the enemy a great source to infiltrate, police, and eventually destroy. But each resister does his own work in this scenario, inevitably accomplishing certain directives.


The wolves are at the doorstep. Will we allow radical Islam to override our control of this country? Will we allow it to fall prey to Liberal Socialists, using an “ever-transforming Constitution,” catering to each new debauchery? Citizens are being murdered in record numbers nationwide. Our children are being sent off to the Middle East, to battle our great enemies, only to return, battered-and-bruised, to be shamed by The Democratic Party, and the evil Regime in Washington/New York. Abortion is murder! All of the praying, and soul-searching, and mourning doesn't stop a single baby from being murdered if someone doesn’t get up and change the fact that a woman can walk into an abortion mill and have her child legally killed!
It is up to each Christian to decide what is right, what is wrong, and what is his or her individual duty in saving babies from being murdered through abortion. Does Washington have the power to control what you permit in your community? At present, yes. Should it listen to your resentments concerning abortion? Absolutely. But it will use every method in its vast arsenal, to make sure that roving majorities are fooled into thinking a living child is a “group of cells,” according to “scientists,” so that they are allowed to keep killing babies. Why? Because they have great interests invested in doing so.
The next decades will, no doubt, bring great changes to America’s doorstep. Where do you want your nation to be in 10 years, or 20? YOU HAVE THE POWER TO DICTATE WHERE THAT NATION ENDS UP, AND WHERE IT PLACES ITS IMPORTANCE AND VIRTUES, the time for hesitation is over. MAKE A STAND.

Here’s more of Peter Knight’s latest:

Along with many others who assess themselves to be prolife, Troy Newman, Steve Lefemine, and Greg Cunningham cry huge crocodile tears over just at the thought of an abortionist being gunned down. And they do it so well, as anyone who has seen them would know, they could easily be taken for abortionists’ twin brothers: “Oh the victimization, oh what an injustice it is, a poor innocent abortionist being given what he did not deserve.”
If you have trouble answering any of the questions, then perhaps you could contact these three “wise” men and enlist their assistance. Ask them how many justice and injustice points out of a hundred they award to allowing another 1.4 million victims to die and then ask them how many justice and injustice points they award to giving mass murderers what they deserve. From their policies and actions, as well as their rantings and ravings, it seems they’ve already told us what they award the most justice and injustice points to, but I’d be interested to know just how many they award to each of those two courses of action/inaction. When you contact them, say to them:

"Troy, Steve, Greg, this asshole in Australia has accused you and me of being 99% pro-death. He says we have zero regard for God’s law. Me and you! The very people who are the most pro-life, and the very people who have the highest regard for justice and the highest regard for God’s law. He even says that we and our actions are pro-abortion and that it’s a sick joke for people like us to claim we’re Christian . Tell me Troy, and tell me Steve, and tell me Greg, what argument can I use to show that justice demanded we allow 1.4 million unborn babies to be killed last year so we could be pro-life for abortionists? What can I do to silence this horrible rumour that the only ones we’re really prolife for are abortionists? And what points should I mention to persuade this asshole that the God who loves justice demands that we allow there to be another 1.4 million victims next year? Help me out here Troy. Teach me to cry the crocodile tears the way you fellers do. Oh the victimizations. Oh what an injustice it is. Poor, innocent abortionists being given what they did not deserve. Doing anything illegal is not an option for true Christian folks. Follow this true Christian lead.

Now you’re beginning to get the hang of it, John. You’ve become almost as good at it as they are. “I’m with you all the way, Mr. Government Sir. Anything you want, Mr. Government, you just tell me what it is. Another 1.4 million this year, Mr. Government? Yes, Sir, why not? I’ll find that 101% acceptable too. Here they are for you Mr. Obama, just as you ordered them, 1.4 million all present and accounted for. Is there anything more us prolifers can do for you Mr. Government? Mr. Government Sir."

Reduced to its simplest form and stated it its simplest manner, to be as pro-death and pro-abortion as this government demands you to be, you have got to be a prize suckhole. If you claim to be Christian, and you’re willing to let them take 1.4 million innocent young babies each year, and in the process throw away God’s law demanding that you do justice, what is there that you wouldn’t be suckhole enough to give them? With “anti-abortionists” like you, what does any pro-abortion government need pro-abortionists for? And with “friends” like you, who have allowed so much harm to come upon them, what need did any of those 1.4 million victims have of people who don’t give a damn about them?
You might say to me, “Who are you to judge me and what I do, and who cares how pro-death you think I am.” No doubt the ones who are best qualified to judge whether or not someone is anti-abortion, and whether or not someone represents them, are those 1.4 million who lost their lives to abortionists last year. Who is there, other than God himself, that’s better qualified than them? So what would they say to people who said their lives were expendable and an acceptable cost of waiting and waiting for forceful, unobtainable political change? What would they say to those who adopted a policy and used methods which didn’t have a hope in hell of saving them and then claimed they were anti-abortion? Would they be pleased with such a policy and those who chose to adopt it, or would they shit in your face? Another very, very easy question. And if they’d shit in your face then so would I.

Right at the top of the list of things not to do is to misrepresent God by preaching a false gospel or a fake Jesus. Those who claim to be Christian and adopt the policy of waiting and waiting for unrealistic political change, are, by their examples, preaching the fake, do not do for others and do not do justice gospel. They preach and promote the fake, be 99% pro-death gospel. And they preach the false message that the God who loves justice, Isaiah 61-81, demands that you allow millions of young babies to be killed.
No, it’s not that the God who loves justice is so tough as to make such a demand of his people. It’s simply that the people are so self-centered and selfish that they will search and accept any fake excuse to avoid following God’s clear and sensible instructions to do justice. Such demands come only from totally corrupt politicians and judges and their lackeys. The only thing that God’s true Gospel demands is what’s said in Isaiah 1-17: “Learn to do good. Seek justice. Rebuke the oppressor. Defend the fatherless.” And of course that includes those who for all intents and purposes have no father, or mother either, just a mortal enemy in their place who is seeking to take away their life.

In order to avoid leading as yet uncorrupted youth down the same wrong path, either by word or by example, this, wait and wait and wait for political change gospel, a gospel that preaches that the deaths of 1.4 million unborn children each year for the last thirty-eight has been, and will continue to be, an acceptable cost of their apathy. They should plaster a sign on themselves speaking the truth: “I am not a Christian. I threw God’s law away so I could prostitute myself to the government.”
I was never about to join them in preaching their fake gospel and in their misrepresenting of God and Jesus.

Paul Hill, the greatest American of the last thirty-eight years, and probably of all time, wrote the following words concerning his actions on behalf of all the victims of abortion. Perhaps you could republish them. Maybe this time they will receive the publicity they deserve:

"When I first appeared on Donohue, I took the position that Griffin’s killing of Gunn, an abortionist, was justified, but I asked the audience to suspend judgment as to whether it had been wise. I realized later, however, that using the force necessary to defend the unborn gives credibility, urgency, and direction to the pro-life movement that I had lacked and which it needs in order to prevail.
I realized that using force to stop abortion is the same means that God has used top stop similar atrocities throughout history . . . in much the same way. When abortion was first legalized in our nation, if the people had resisted this atrocity with the means necessary, it would have saved millions of children from a bloody death. It is unwise and unspiritual, thus, not to use the means God has appointed for keeping his commandments (defend the fatherless) then presumptuously expect him to work apart from them. (Presumptuously and downright stupidly expect him to work apart from them.)
I realized that many important things would be accomplished by me shooting another abortionist in Pensacola. This would put the pro-life rhetoric, about defending born and unborn children equally, right onto the map. It would bear witness to the full humanity of the unborn as nothing else could. It would also open people’s eyes to the enormous consequences of abortion – not only for the unborn but also for the government that sanctioned it and those required to resist it. This would convict millions of past neglect and also spur many to future obedience. It would also help to decide whether to join the battle on the side of those defending abortionists or on the side of those defending the unborn. But most importantly, I knew this would uphold the truths of the Gospel at the precise point of Satan’s current attack." (tbc)

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