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Abortion is Murder, 8-4, July, 2010

Formerly Stop the Killing of Young People (skyp) and soon, perhaps, Stop Killing Preemies

July, 2010 Vol. 8 No. 4
PO Box 7424, Reading, PA 19603
Phone – 484-706-4375
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Circulation – 111
John Dunkle, Editor

Abortion is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to baby murder, is sent out at least once a month. If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go the website. Faxes and emails are free but snail-mail is free only for PFC’s, $100 for others.
Because I believe we should use every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect those being tortured to death, I want to hear from people who’ve been forceful. I’d also like to hear from those who disagree with me.

Prisoners for Christ:
1. Evans, Paul Ross 83230-180, USP McCreary, P.O. Box 3000, Pine Knot, KY 42635
2. Gibbons, Linda - Vanier WDC, 655 Martin St., P.O. Box 1040, Milton, ON, Canada L9T 5E6
3. Griffin, Michael 310249, Okaloosa Correctional Institution, Crestview FL 32539-6708 9/11
4. Howard, Peter Andrew 57760-097, FCI, Box 900, Safford, AZ 85546
5. Jordi, Stephen 70309-004, FCI P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute IN 47802 6/30
6 Knight, Peter CRN 158589, Port Philip Prison, P.O. Box 376, Laverton, Victoria, Australia
7. Kopp, James 11761-055, USP Canaan, 3057 Easton Tpk., Waymart, PA 18472
8. Little, David SJRCC, 930 Old Black River Road, Saint John, NB E2J 4T3
9. Lo, Erlyndon Joseph LE#234894, Collin County Detention Center, 4300 Community Avenue, McKinney TX 75071
10. McMenemy, David Robert 08168-030, FCI Elkton, P.O. Box 10, Lisbon OH 44432
11. Richardson, Alonzo Lee 12898-021, PO Box 474701, Des Moines, IA 5094
12. Scott P. Roeder KDOC#0065192, El Dorado Correctional Facility, P. O. Box 311, El Dorado, KS 67042
13. Ross, Michael, Custer County Jail, 1010 Main St., Miles City, Montana 59301
14. Rudolph, Eric 18282-058 US Pen. Max, Box 8500, Florence CO 81226-8500
15. Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A, P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093 3/31
16. Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, United States Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg PA 17837 8/25
17. Weiler Jr., Robert F. 39385-037, FCC - Delaware Hall, Box 1000, Petersburg VA 23804 (new)
18. Whitaker, Vincent , FCI, Box 699, Estill SC 29918

"I'm prepared to die in jail, if necessary. I can no longer cope with the hypocrisy of praying for life ... and paying for death." David Little

When I am not putting together this newsletter, I visit pro-death blogs like The Abortioneers and thenotsodailyherald. My favorite is Abortion and Reproductive Rights Advocate ( The blogger, Pat Richards, is as committed to death as I am to life and we are having quite a “go-round.” Here’s part of one of our exchanges (May 19):

Pat, Paul was executed about two years ago. He actually invited me to his execution, but that’s another story…

Me, Dag, Pat, I wish you’d gone to Paul’s execution. I was there. It was the only time in my life I was witness to the supernatural.

Pat, Welcome back, John (I’d been away for eight days). You were at Paul’s execution? Yikes. Give me some details!

Me, Here’s what happened. As I was standing there at 5:30 waiting for the 6 p.m. execution, I saw black (I mean black) thunderclouds approaching and felt the rain. I told someone, “We’re not just going to get wet, we’re going to get drenched.” Lightning was dancing and I got scared. At 6 the lightning danced over the execution chamber, about a half mile from where they made us gather. Fifteen minutes later I was the first of about thirty to leave the area and walk back to the parking lot. When I got there, I remembered the rain, and it was now coming down lightly, and I was dry as a bone.

Pat, I remember reading about the storm. Paul and I had talked about lots of stuff over the years and I think he kinda respected me. I remember asking him one day why he hadn’t killed someone if he thought that’s what people should be doing and he said he was the messenger, not the doer. Then about 6 months later, he killed Dr Britton. I called him once after he was convicted and that’s when he asked me to come to the execution. I told him I didn’t support capital punishment so would not do it.

Me, In this holocaust, Pat, you are the guru! Who else knows what you know, has done what you've done? I am amazed, again.

Pat, I just happened to be in the thick of things for many years John. Also, as you can probably tell I am a different kind of pro-choice person in that I acknowledge the very tough issues. It got me into trouble at times with my friends. I also believe strongly in talking to the other side. Paul and I were on a major television show together after David Gunn was killed and I really wanted to try to get into his head. One day I will reveal how my relationship with him may have saved the lives of about 80 abortion providers.

Me, The more I listen to you, wow! I thought Jesus said it would be difficult to love your enemies.

Dear John, Hello, Hello! How are ya?
Well, I’m writing my annual letter – or at least that’s about the gist of it.. Especially since I enthusiastically enjoy reading your great newsletter each month and have been the recipient of your Good Graces – THANK YOU ... My guilt for not writing you has the benefit of reminding me to pray for you. Again, Thanks Again!
Hey, at one time you and Tom O’Connor were on my e-mail list but got dropped off – probably due to inactivity because you guys probably didn’t know you even got e-mail from me since it doesn’t automatically notify you but you have to check a web site for your mail. Bummer, I know. But, it’s fixin’ to be more common as more prisons use it since they make a profit off it. It costs about five cents a minute which adds up surprisingly fast if you’re a slow typer. It’s not too bad for me as I don’t have to hen-pick but can type about 40 words a minute – I like typing so I do e-mail when I can afford it. So, if you’d like me to try to re-establish e-mail with you, just lemme know. (Please do that Brother Jordi.) I wouldn’t bother you except I saw in one of your newsletters that another pro-life prisoner wrote about the same e-mail website. So maybe you check it now every so often. (I try but I fail.) Well, God willing, I’ll get out of here shortly! My outdate is 8-8-12 but I’m praying I can get to a half-way house near by. Nine months is more likely but six months is the usual. Just in time to witness the end of the world. Since I’m not Aztec, I’m not planning on dying Dec. 21st, 2012. gonna be just another disappointment like Y2K. But hey, there’s always Y3K!
One of the things I’m actually looking forward to is paying for your newsletter (no) and paying many back for all the help for all these years (no). I owe you all thanks and I am in your debt. I know the economy sucks out there which makes the sacrifices to bless others with your resources and your time and services that much more precious – God Bless Ya!
Hey, in one of your newsletters one of the Christians wrote in to say that we are forbidden all vengeance. This is not correct and not that simple. A closer look shows us that we are not to avenge ourselves but forgive. But to stretch this concept of revenge to every situation is un biblical. A Naves Topical Bible or concordance would clear this up.
Well, I continue to study my Bible in Hebrew, Greek and Spanish with my interlinears, still waiting years now, to talk to my kids. Please pray for them and me. May God bless you and yours Mightily! Brother Jordi.

Continuation of Eric’s Chapter 3:

This is not to say that all of these decisions to abridge individual liberties were justified. Some of them certainly were not. They are extreme examples, used to demonstrate that in the balance between society’s interests and the individual’s it is society that must ultimately prevail. In order to establish law and order and protect the nation from foreign threats the state, any state, needs this basic authority over the individual. That is the price the individual pays for living in an organized society.
If you are laboring under the illusion that you have absolute rights, let me enlighten you. Beside the part about the colonies severing their political ties to Britain, the Declaration of Independence is a statement of abstract principles, not law. “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable rights, that among these are Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness.” Jefferson wrote excellent rationalist poetry. You will remember that in John Locke’s social contract theory, which is where Jefferson got these ideas, man was supposedly a sovereign free agent before the creation of society. His Creator had supposedly given him the inalienable rights—life, liberty, and property. He was his own little country, so to speak. But when once he fell from classical liberal grace and decided to band together with other sovereign men, he traded in the inalienable portion of his rights for the protections of society. He empowered society to be his judge, including in matters involving his life, liberty, and property.
In other words, a man's rights may belong to him by nature and inhere in his person by virtue of God's creative act, but the demands of living in society necessarily limit these rights. A man's rights must be balanced against the common good, public order, and the rights of other individuals. If the state could never take a man's life, liberty, or property, then the laws could never be enforced, and organized society would not be possible. Any man charged with murder could simply stand on his “sovereign” rights and refuse to be tried.
Jefferson’s rhetoric in the Declaration of Independence is a statement of principles, based on Locke’s theory of the supposed origins of the social contract. He is writing about man as he existed in the classical liberal Garden of Eden, before the social contract. The United States Constitution, on the other hand, is concerned with life after the social contract.
The Constitution mandates a balancing test between the “rights of the individual and the demands of living in an organized society.” What the Founding Fathers intended was that the greatest amount of freedom be given the individual consistent with good government, what classical liberals used to call “ordered liberty.” As I’ve shown, the needs of government change with the situation. In time of war, individual liberties are severely limited; and in time of peace, liberties are increased. But in the balancing scales, society’s interests outweigh the individual’s interests.
The Fifth Amendment prevents the federal government from depriving U.S. citizens of “life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” And it prevents the government from taking private property “for public use, without just compensation.” The Fourteenth Amendment extended these protections to the states. The key phrase here is “due process.” What angered classical liberals like the Founders was arbitrary power, power without due process. The Constitution is aimed at curbing arbitrary power. Under feudalism the nobility was privileged with a great deal of arbitrary power. In many courts, men decided what the law was. Whether you got justice depended on the man who sat as judge in your case. The Constitution writers wanted to replace the rule of men with the rule of laws. So now when the state wants to take your life, liberty, or property it must provide you due process of law. In other words, the government can still kill you, put you in prison, or take your property away; they just can’t do it arbitrarily. “The touchstone of due process is the protection of the individual against arbitrary action of government.”46
Due process, however, is not a concept written in stone. It has never been reduced to a particular formula, and it is therefore quite flexible: “Due process of law has never been a term of fixed or invariable content.”47 As noted earlier, due process has always assumed a balancing test: “Considerations of what procedures due process may require under any given set of circumstances must begin with a demonstration of the precise nature of the government function involved as well as of the private interest that has been affected by government action.”48
There are two types of due process: procedural and substantive. To have procedural due process, the government must establish “fundamentally fair” procedures before it can deprive you of your rights. This is pretty straightforward. Substantive due process, on the other hand, is more nebulous. Under this type of due process, before the government can deprive you of your rights, it must have a “reasonable justification.” So even if the government has erected a decent set of court procedures, it must “demonstrate a valid reason for the deprivation,” and there must be a “compelling state interest” involved.49 Just what exactly constitutes a “valid reason” and a “compelling state interest” is a matter of interpretation. There is the rub. Substantive due process, at any given time, is dependent on societies “current understanding of what is allowable government conduct.”50 (tbc)

Dear John, I think many of your readers will benefit from a heads-up letter on Sarah Palin I sent Jimbo recently.
Sarah Palin does not support overturning Roe in favor of the children having rights we are bound to respect with the equal protection of the laws, which is the fundamental proposition of the Fourteenth Amendment. Instead, she supports overturning Roe in favor of the states' rights, so that states will be allowed to decide when to force women to have abortions (e.g., because of drug use) and when to prohibit abortions. Reread the notes I sent you regarding Roe [exposing Roe's dirty secret: forced abortion]. Palin won't support you. She won't support the children. Instead, she supports letting states decide whether they want to force women to abort or if they would prefer stopping women from aborting. Reread the exceptions clause in Laci and Conner's law [exempting two categories of forced abortion in addition to women's choices].
So don't be tricked. The citizens of Georgia thought the Catholic Church would support their personhood amendment. Surprise! The Church got together with the Mormons to derail it. The same thing happened to Montana and Colorado. The same thing happened with the Human Life Bill of Jesse Helms and Henry Hyde.
Every murder has a motive. The greatest MOTIVE for child homicide by means of legal abortion is held by religious and conservative leaders, who want to clear the pews, school desks, and homes of the flood of pregnancy scandals they would have to face otherwise. However, to trick people, they act two-faced, to deny complicity and cover their crime.
I know this is hard news to swallow. But that is why you are behind bars and the children are in the dumpster. If you want to win, you have to stop trying to please people who are only pretending to be on your side, or on the children's side. Instead, you have to start rubbing the truth in their faces. You have to start rubbing, and rubbing, and rubbing without stopping. Due process all the way!
After legalizing abortion-on-demand in California years before Roe as governor of California, as soon as he became president Ronald Reagan appointed Sandra Day O'Connor as a ringer to the U.S. Supreme Court to make sure abortion would stay legal. He then pretended that Sandra was on "our" side, so that, to be fair to the "other" side, he had to appoint Justice Kennedy, another Roe-supporter. Then, to make sure if Roe ever really was overturned it would be in favor of letting states like California and New York keep abortion legal, and not in favor of the children's rights, he appointed Justice Scalia. His successor, the senior Bush, first appointed Roe-supporter Souter, and then Thomas, who in likeness to Scalia only wants to overturn Roe in favor of letting states do what THEY want, not in favor of the children.
The end result? When Casey was handed down, it was O'Connor, Kennedy, and Souter (all appointed by Reagan and Bush, two Republican presidents) who wrote the plurality decision upholding Roe.
So get wise, my friend! How can you protect the children when you can't even watch your own back? Sincerely, Cal.
Here’s another of Cal’s latest bumper stickers. Interested?


Hello, Mr. Dunkle, Melody Victor wrote, "Women abort their babies [ultimately] for one reason ... They feel they cannot handle the situation. ... Love those women and you will heal this issue."
I suppose most murders happen because the murderer feels he or she could not handle the situation of having had his/her victim continue to live.
Ms. Victor does not seem to be aware of the huge efforts being made, and that have been made for many years, to help women in crisis pregnancy. Some of us have given thousands of dollars and/or many hours of time to help women be able to "handle the situation" of motherhood.
I never cease to be shocked to hear women tell of an abortion in their younger years, that their one thought was that they felt at the time that they had no choice, that they would not be able to stand the shame if their family, friends, or people at church had known that they had become pregnant. What a waste, what a horrible reason for which any child might have to die! Families and churches need to stress to young girls, over and over, "if you should happen to become pregnant, for goodness' sake, don't kill your baby -- we will help you!" -- and then follow through and help, and don't condemn.
But it is not an either/or situation, Melody. One can be opposed to legalized killing of children not yet born and at the same time work to help those women who have gotten into a situation that is difficult. You are reasoning from a false dilemma fallacy.
Finally, being opposed to childmurder is not a sign of pride, contrary to what you indicated in your note to Mr. Dunkle. My experience in opposing legal abortion has done exactly the opposite, in fact. It continually exposes my own weaknesses to me, something that probably would not have happened had I never been faced with this conflict.
Sincerely, David Rydholm


Jimbo’s latest: This essay is Part IV in a series about treating all kids like our own, no more, no less. This essay is meant to be read along with the others:
Part I: In defense of Scott Roeder. Mainstream prolifers’
motives for criticism of force is not prolife (unpublished letter
to the editor, Weekly Standard, 2009)
Part II; Kids are Kids, (unpublished letter to the editor, New Oxford Review, 2009)
Part III; Letter to Judge Arcara by Dr. Raphael Waters, Philosophy Professor, Niagara U., Emeritus, Director, St. Thomas Aquinas Society. 2004/2007
Part IV The Essay on Imminence, Legally speaking, (DV 2010)
All four parts are published in

No Imminent Danger to Kids in Kansas? Wrong!

During the recent trial in Kansas of Scott Roeder the judge there
said that imminent danger to children did not exist when considering an attack on a serial child murderer, Dr. Tiller. The attack took place the day before he was scheduled to kill again, as
he had for the previous several decades, and despite innumerable-protests, rescues, and even a previous use of force, to try to stop him..
This essay deals with the legal issue of "imminence": is force justified the day before a child is scheduled to be murdered?
A good and pious friend recently defended the judge in Kansas thus: you can't use force until danger is imminent, for example, if an attacker in a bar fight actually has a knife to the throat of a potential victim. But is this an appropriate comparison? -- a knife fight involving alcohol that erupts in a bar, being made equivalent to an abortion?
No, they do not stand together. Abortion is a phenomenon sui generis; it stands by itself, to be analyzed separately, in ways and by considerations known to any experienced prolifer.
In this discussion, by the way, don’t worry too much about the pagan-in-the-street, bless his heart. Start by asking your fellow prolifer, who's been in the CPCHsidewalk/rescue trenches, whether she or he can recognize these following traits of AB. The in-the-trenches prolifer answers with his heart, yes:
1) Does the drunk in the bar know ahead of time he will attack someone, anyone, say, 24 hours in advance of the incident? No, he’s not even sure he’ll be drunk.
The abortionist knows to a certainty. It’s in his appointment book.
2) Does the drunk in the bar know who he will attack ahead of time? This guy or that guy? An acquaintance with whom he has a long simmering disagreement, or a total stranger whom he finds out seconds before the combat is sleeping with his wife? A fight over sports? Over nothing? No. When he walks into the bar, he's seeking, per minimum, mild bonhomie.
The abortionist knows. He can read the name of his victim's mom right here in his appointment book.
3) Does the guy in the bar know if he will have a weapon? If he will need it? Should he use it? NO. Most men in most bars can't carry guns anyway, and the few that carry knives don't think of them as offensive weapons
The abortionist knows that waiting for him, neatly plugged into the public utility, is a suction machine sufficient to dismember a small, helpless child. It’s expensive, and perfectly maintained, kept in a room guarded 24/7 by the absolute best the local and fed. Police can offer. They will happily throw ten thousand people in jail for life before they will allow one prolifer even to touch that pump. (...try it!) (tbc)

Dear John, Your newsletter of June 2010 arrived safely here in the Custer County Jail of Miller city, Montana, and is appreciated.
The writing ability of the contributors is surprisingly high, particularly Eric Rudolph. I assume Eric is in what’s called Supermax in Florence, Colorado, which is much worse than this podunk jail. I’ve read about and heard of Supermax, a clear violation of prisoner care and prisoner rights, where the inmate is locked away from human contact and in many cases treated worse than an animal. I would not be surprised if more than one prisoner has gone insane in there.
I’m not new to the anti-abortion movement, in case you are wondering. I was first “blooded” in 1993, in Missoula, Montana, when Operation Rescue National was at its height. I was convicted of threatening via letter Mass Murderer Susan Wicklund of Boyerman, Mont., and spent 5 years, 2 months in prison, released in 1999.
I have never regretted one single day I spent locked up on behalf of the wee ones. My recent incarceration is pretty much a replay, although much toned down, but another prison term is possible. My nemesis is one of the leading pro-aborts in Southeastern Montana, and Caroline Fleming, a high ranking officer in the local First Presbyterian Church, who has referred hundreds of pregnant teens to aborters in Billings. This evil woman is an extension of the Pharisees. Yes, the Pharisees and Scribes are alive and well in the present generation. Jesus had harsh words for them, calling them dead men’s bones. How applicable.
I am not by nature a violent man; thus, I can’t support those who murder abortionists. However, I felt much relieved when I heard of the death of Tiller the Killer in Kansas. I hope and pray abortion will be outlawed in my lifetime. I’m nearly 67,
There is no doubt whatsoever that Tiller’s death will save hundreds if not thousands of innocent lives. When God pours out his fury on this foul country, I hope I will be present to see it, either on earth on in Heaven.
I’ve read that we are very slowly winning the battle on the county and state levels. Is this true? I would appreciate a reply from you on this. (Yeah, I read that too, Michael; then I read the opposite. So who knows.) The Supreme Court will continue to be an impediment and will only become more liberal under Obama. During my first incarceration, the names of Linda Gibbons, David Little, and Rachelle Shannon were familiar. I corresponded with some of them.
As I see it, we are winning without violence, thank God.
John, you may be curious to know that the infamous Susan Wicklund, who’s gone national with her campaign (PBS and others) of victimization (Hers, of course), is opening a death camp in Livingston, Montana, to better reach pregnant girls in my neck of the state. Livingston is only thirty miles east of Boyerman.
Will close for now. I await your next newsletter, John. Please mail it to my home address. I may get out on O.K. on May 24, Monday.
I am a sold-out Christian. Jesus Christ is my life. I lean to the Baptist doctrine and am very wary of radical Pentecostals, Yours in Christ, Michael Ross.
P.S. The first time I appeared in court (March 19) I literally waved a blood red shirt at the judge to symbolize the shed blood of Christ and his babies. The judge let me submit it as evidence! Surprise and hallelujah.

Seven more errors from the Syllabus:

8. As human reason is placed on a level with religion itself, so theological must be treated in the same manner as philosophical sciences.
9. All the dogmas of the Christian religion are indiscriminately the object of natural science or philosophy, and human reason, enlightened solely in an historical way, is able, by its own natural strength and principles, to attain to the true science of even the most abstruse dogmas; provided only that such dogmas be proposed to reason itself as its object.
10. As the philosopher is one thing, and philosophy another, so it is the right and duty of the philosopher to subject himself to the authority which he shall have proved to be true; but philosophy neither can nor ought to submit to any such authority.
11. The Church not only ought never to pass judgment on philosophy, but ought to tolerate the errors of philosophy, leaving it to correct itself.
12. The decrees of the Apostolic See and of the Roman congregations impede the true progress of science.
13. The method and principles by which the old scholastic doctors cultivated theology are no longer suitable to the demands of our times and to the progress of the sciences.
14. Philosophy is to be treated without taking any account of supernatural revelation.

Paul continued:

Tactics in all operations are dictated by the existing conditions of each individual operation of each individual operation. There is a certain amount of liberty involved in the specifics of the decision-making processes for guerilla warfare strategy. However, the three main objectives which were previously mentioned should at all times be kept in mind. These objectives should determine any specific target selection or attack. Once specific targets are chosen, and a very loose objective is defined – ALL OFFENSIVE PLANNING SHOULD BE PUT ON HOLD AND DEFENSIVE PLANNING SHOULD SUPERCEDE ALL OTHER PLANNNG MADE.
Once the defensive strategy is devised, and great care and concern has been taken to ensure safety of all unit members, commencement of the offensive strategy should begin.
Resistance is created, first and foremost, and then transforms into a ship-shape efficient machine. Two sections of such a resistance are formed:
a. those who are active aggressive members of guerilla combat
b. those who circulate literature, attempt to gain financial and sympathetic support, and do not, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, participate in forceful action.
The importance of possessing a faction of supporters who do not, under any circumstances, have involvement in violent acts lies in breaking down civilian perception that those non-violent individuals will not be arrested, harassed, or killed. They inevitably will. This will help to gain supporters once our enemies’ masks of “noble procedure” become unveiled.
Isolation is how our enemy kills us. Isolation is how our enemy dissects and destroys us. The only answer to such an enemy, and to such tactics, is using them against that same enemy. We use their predictable isolation and victory-by-numbers techniques against them. We, in turn, isolate them. Army involvement and guerilla engagement of specific units are absolutely necessary – especially those who are arm-bearing units of anti-Christian regimes.
There is merit in this stage in mentioning (other) groups who bear resentments against our enemies, or those groups out there who, at this time, have our common enemy to “deal with.” Although respect should be given to any man or woman who sacrifices for what he or she believes in, we cannot afford to involve ourselves with other groups in guerrilla operations. We cannot afford to involve ourselves closely with the heathen, in general. Army involvement in any way is completely unacceptable. Other guerrilla operations, in past conflicts, have encouraged such army involvement with any/all anti-enemy sentiment. This cannot be acceptable in our mode of operation as Militant Christians. We live and operate by strict Biblical law, mentioned in preceding chapters of this text. We must separate ourselves from groups who do not adhere to our long-term objectives: establishing and maintaining a theocratic society based on Christian Law and Virtue. We must bear in mind that other groups could eventually become our direct enemies. All measures should be taken to avoid conflicts, at this point, with other groups. We must concentrate primarily on the enemies at hand, those who occupy our God-given territory.
Individuals should understand clearly the issues and principles involved previous to joining these endeavors of modern militant Christianity. Motives should be examined thoroughly before joining such a crusade. Militant Christians are expected to wage (at times a one-man) war against enemy forces and personnel. The enemy is numerically and technically superior in force. Our armies employ violent guerilla warfare strategies, and casualties are expected on both sides. Our beliefs, our loyalties, and our convictions bind us all as one army. Beliefs and convictions strong enough to allow a volunteer to commit violence in protection of God’s Law is what is called for on all fronts at this point.. (tbc)

Remarkable, but in this war I use “violence” to name what the baby killers do. I call what we do “force.”

Hello, Clayton Waagner requests prayer for his 28 year old son, Clay Jr., who is undergoing serious heart problems. He was just admitted to the intensive care unit in Akron, OH.
God bless, Drew Heiss

The following is a prayer request from Clayton Waagner:
Monday - June 28, 2010 Saturday night I called my wife's cell phone and caught her at the Akron Children's Hospital just before they took Clay into the Intensive Care Unit. Unknowing to me, Mary had taken Clay to the local Western Pennsylvania hospital Thursday night. Clay had gained considerable water weight and his heart was beating irregularly (meaning not normal for him, and there is nothing normal about his heart). From there the "life-flighted" Clay to Akron Children's Hospital, who has a cardiologist on staff who has worked with the Mayo Clinic and knows Clay's condition. They treated Clay as best they could, then on Saturday, just as I called, they moved him to ICU. Mary was worried, which is never a good sign. I also talked to Clay, who seemed strained but unconcerned.
I then called Drew Heiss and asked him to email everyone with an urgent request for prayer. Drew prayed with me for my son on the spot, then sent the prayer request. The next news I received was Sunday evening when I learned from a daughter that Clay had been released from the hospital and he and Mary were on their way home. She had just received a text message to this affect, and had no further news. As if this writing, Monday morning, that is all I know as I've been unable to reach anyone since. This lack of information is frustrating, but not uncommon given my circumstances.
Regardless of today's circumstances, Clay is in need of your prayer support. Clay was born with half of a normal heart. He has two chambers in his heart, not the normal four chambers. It is a "birth defect", and as birth defects go, Clay's is listed as the rarest of all birth defects. I don't know the numbers, but this is a very rare condition. Most born with this birth defect die as infants. Some make it to pre-teen years. Other than my son, the longest survivor with this condition died at fifteen years old. At twenty-eight years old Clay has survived this dangerous birth defect far longer than anyone ever has. Even the Doctors at Mayo Clinic, where he is treated, call Clay a medical miracle. If you spoke to a doctor who works with either heart defects or birth defects, odds are he would know of my son and his rare case of survival.
Clay has had five heart surgeries, the first when he was ten days old. We've been told he wouldn't make it through the night more times than either Mary or I care to remember. Yet our Son defies all predictions and survives. Many well intended people have told all in our family to "be thankful for the time we've had with him". Meaning, don't be unthankful if Clay dies. It is a sentiment that none of us have ever accepted. We have seen too many miracles in Clay's life to believe that God is not going to perform the ultimate miracle with his poorly formed and weakening heart. We have always believed that God is going to completely heal Clay by making his heart complete and normal. All the scar tissue he has prohibits further surgery, and prevents any consideration of a heart transplant, so the only treatment he can receive today is medication to ease the strain of his failing heart, but that is becoming less and less effective. My son's only hope of surviving much further is through God's healing.
I ask that you pray for my Son. I ask that you beseech God for a complete healing of his failing heart. Since Clay was a toddler Mary and I have believed that God would completely heal our son as a testimony to His power. Between Clay's standing as a "Medical Miracle" and his dad's notoriety as a pro-life extremist, I can not imagine that his healing would go unnoticed by the world. Please join our family in asking for a complete healing of Clayton Lee Waagner, Jr.'s heart. Stand with Mary and I in this as if Clay were your own beloved son. And because I am totally convinced of the power of corporate prayer, I ask you to pass this message on to everyone you know who prays and believes in God's ability to answer our prayer. I also ask that you remember Mary in your prayers as my wife has been through a great deal of difficulties lately, to which Clay's medical problems are adding additional strain. With all my heart I thank you for your prayer support, Clay
Peter and others: I haven’t lost your writings. I‘ve just gotten lazy again recently.


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7/1 eers

Dizzy as ever

My comments refer to posts on one of three pro-death blogs: The Abortioneers (eers), thesnotsodailypost (snot), and abortion and reproductive advocate going to heaven (aarragh)

John Dunkle said...

to get "abortion and ..." you have to go to ""

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7/2 aarragh

This would be just as good as the others except for the fact that these days killing young folks before they are born is no joke.

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7/3 snot

grotesque! the picture, no the prose, no the picture, no the prose....

John Dunkle said...

Look up at the first entry here. Two mistakes: thesnotsodailyherald and abortion and reproductive rights advocate going to heaven

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7/6 eers

You tell me to keep my hands to myself and to let you live as you see fit! What about your hands, the hands that wrap themselves around some young person's throat until she dies?
You pro-deathers are so blind that you give us our best lines and you don't see them even though we hold them up before your eyes!

John Dunkle said...

7/8 snot

Chris Slattery, who runs about a half dozen CPCs in NYC, visited me here in Pennsylvania a few years ago. One of his two cell rang every five minutes. "Where are you?" "Oh, we're located right near there." "One of our counselors will help you."
I asked him, "Chris, how many of those women decide to keep the baby after the interview?" "Three our of four," he said, and smiled.

No wonder Kate hates CPCs