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Abortion is Murder, 7-15, February 2, 2010

Formerly Stop the Killing of Young People (skyp) and soon, perhaps, Stop Killing Preemies

February 2, 2010 Vol. 7 No. 15
PO Box 7424, Reading, PA 19603
Phone – cell—484-706-4375, machine -- 610-396-0332
Email –
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Circulation – 82
John Dunkle, Editor

Abortion is Murder, a weak, pathetic response to baby murder, is sent out at least once a month. If the gestapo hasn’t jailed you for defending the innocent realistically, you either have to tell me you want it or go the website. Faxes and emails are free but snail-mail is free only for POC’s, $100 for others.
Because I believe we should use every legitimate means, including force, in our attempt to protect those being tortured to death, I want to hear from people who’ve been forceful. I’d also like to hear from those who disagree with me.

Prisoners of Christ:
1. Evans, Paul Ross 83230-180, USP McCreary, P.O. Box 3000, Pine Knot, KY 42635
2. Gibbons, Linda - Vanier WDC, 655 Martin St., P.O. Box 1040, Milton, ON, Canada L9T 5E6
3. Griffin, Michael 310249, Okaloosa Correctional Institution, Crestview FL 32539-6708 9/11
4. Howard, Peter Andrew 57760-097, FCI, Box 900, Safford, AZ 85546
5. Jordi, Stephen 70309-004, FCI P.O. Box 33, Terre Haute IN 47802 6/30
6 Knight, Peter CRN 158589, Port Philip Prison, P.O. Box 376, Laverton, Victoria, Australia
7. Kopp, James 11761-055, USP Canaan, 3057 Easton Tpk., Waymart, PA 18472
8. McMenemy, David Robert 08168-030, FCI Elkton, P.O. Box 10, Lisbon OH 44432
9. Richardson, Alonzo Lee 12898-021, PO Box 474701, Des Moines, IA 5094
10. Roeder, Scott, Sedgewick county Jail, 141 West Elm, Wichita, KS 67203
11. Rudolph, Eric 18282-058 US Pen. Max, Box 8500, Florence CO 81226-8500
12. Shannon, Rachelle 59755-065, FCI Waseca, Unit A, P.O. Box 1731, Waseca, MN 56093 3/31
13. Waagner, Clayton Lee 17258-039, United States Penitentiary, P.O. Box 1000, Lewisburg PA 17837 8/25
14. Weiler Jr., Robert F. 39385-037, FCC - Delaware Hall, Box 1000, Petersburg VA 23804 (new)
15. Whitaker, Vincent , FCI, Box 699, Estill SC 29918

The Lord has asked people to make sacrifices related to opposing abortion which all but a handful have had too weak a heart to make. And they’ve looked for any pretense they could conjure up to claim that the sacrifice wasn’t required. They even deluded themselves, as people often do, into “believing” the pretense was real . . . When they get what they’ll get, they’ll fully deserve it. Peter Knight

Jimbo never sends a letter that he doesn’t add to with four or five PS’s. His powerful letter to the NOR, which I posted in the last two issues of this newsletter, includes only two:

P.S. I just read the Ford and Mullenax letters and Brown rebuttal. (NOR, Nov. 2009). Bravo! for printing them.
Regarding Mrs Brown's rebuttal, I repeat my first
paragraph, and add this question: Why is it when death of the unborn is concerned, all sorts of fancy-pants piety comes in, e.g. " . . . justice is the Lord's. . . we entrust the abortionist to God in prayer. . . accepting. . . " and so on. But if the murder of a born child at a day care center is in question, *Zap!* *Presto Chango!* no “piety” here! Just stop it any which way! (See Brown's Par. l).
Why? Why the double standard between the plight of an unborn and a born child?
I am convinced this false piety is exactly what our Lord
described when He told us that the Levite and the priest
were praying as they passed the man beaten and robbed. The
Samaritan heretic got it right.
If you want to say "My ministry doesn't do that kind of
thing,” say it. My country club won't allow cleats in the dining room either; but that doesn't make it a sin. As we examine our conscience on this double standard, we find why the movement is permanently stuck in 99% failure mode.
Just for a minute . . . let’s cease striving and imagine that the Pope's right. If so, we should be prepared to admit it and move on. Babies and moms pay the price for our "I'm aboard, pull up the ladder" selfishness, not us.
And, Yes, Virginia, there is a world without abortion. This is an historical fact. It existed for 6500 years, and still exists in most of the Third World where American tax dollars can't reach. Getting back to this world is therefore doable. God willing. And He does. He’s not the problem.

PPS. Inaction, or insufficient action, masquerades as calmness and wisdom, as if we should praise the fireman who slowly tosses a bucket of water on the dog house when my daughter is hanging out of the top window burning to death.
Insufficient action in the known presence of child dismemberment is child dismemberment also, a disgusting, twisted thing. This is precisely and exactly why I don't hate abortionists.
We're so concerned with sins of commission – like God only hangs out in front of whorehouses and liquor stores, taking names. We neglect sins of omission. Did it never occur to us, as baby blood runs down the gutters and over our feet, that He's down at the mill, taking attendance? We’re absent.

Dan Holman’s Cunningham letter concludes:

Here is where Mr. Cunningham’s case goes bad. He presumes Mr. Roeder exacted vengeance on George Tiller for the 60,000 babies he has killed. I do not believe vengeance was Mr. Roeder’s primary motive. I believe Mr. Roeder killed George Tiller to prevent him from killing again. Tiller was killed on a Sunday; Monday he was scheduled to kill. Mr. Roeder was acting defensively for Monday’s children. Mr. Roeder did not “murder” George Tiller; Mr. Roeder committed “justifiable homicide.” He was acting in defense of others.
If George Tiller had retired from his grizzly practice, then Mr. Roeder would not have killed George Tiller. An individual has no authority to exact vengeance. Vengeance is the sole god-given jurisdiction of civil government. Even when civil government is remiss in administering justice, a citizen has no right to carry out vengeance. Vengeance must be left to God (Romans 12:19 & 13:4).
Defensive action might be carried out by anyone. All of us are duty bound to protect the weak, the innocent, and the helpless. It is our Christian duty to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the sick and imprisoned, and to rescue those who are unjustly being led to the slaughter (Matthew 25:31-46; Proverbs 24:9-10).
George Tiller was an active serial killer, operating under a color of law. He killed, and he was going to kill again. If we were in a position to stop the killing of a classroom of children and we were too fearful or indifferent to act, we should be blamed along with the assassin for the children’s deaths. It matters not that it is “legal.” It matters not that the parents hired the assassin; it makes no difference if the school and government officials condone their deaths. If abortion is murder we should act as it were murder!
Mr. Cunningham contends that a Justifiable Homicide defense is not feasible because abortion is legal. While abortion is legal it does not negate a justifiable homicide defense. It is up to a jury to decide. Just because the courts are undecided about the humanity of the pre-born does not mean that a jury cannot figure it out.
Mr. Cunningham complains that Mr. Roeder made Tiller “into a sympathetic victim if not a martyr.”
“A sympathetic victim” to whom Mr. Cunningham? Surely not to the babies! The babies are martyred 4000/day, where is the sympathy for them? The shooting of Tiller makes other abortionists nervous. I have met abortionists who have quit at the urging of their families because of the shooting of abortion doctors. Many more, I suppose, have rejected this black art because of its “occupational hazards.” Perhaps it is not so “safe and legal” after all!
Mr. Cunningham blames Mr. Roeder for the abortions presently performed by unlicensed medical personnel. Mr. Cunningham should know that this phenomenon was occurring long before the shooting of George Tiller. Abortionists are in short supply. Tiller specialized in killing late term babies. His death camp closed the week of his death. The smokestack of his baby-burning incinerator is still and cold.
Mr. Cunningham sees the shooting of Tiller as bad for the pro-life movement. Mr. Cunningham is hopeful that we can win in the courts and the legislatures if only we can prove ourselves non-violent and loving.
Was not the timely demise of George Tiller good for Monday’s babies, Mr. Cunningham? Why should we care about the pro-life movement? Legislators care about votes. The courts are openly hostile toward the babies. For 37 years we have been too nice while 50 million Americans are butchered. Try being “nice” strategy in Afghanistan on Osama bin Laden. Osama loves American abortions. Osama killed his thousands, but Tiller his tens of thousands of Americans. All the people they killed were nice people.
Mr. Cunningham claims that Mr. Roeder’s actions have set back the “imperfect but significant gains in limiting abortion.” Limiting to what, Mr. Cunningham, 4000/day? Scientists agree: dead doctors don’t murder babies.
Mr. Cunningham further contends that the killing of George Tiller did not prevent the killing of Monday’s child. He writes “every one of the women who had scheduled an abortion is able to reschedule elsewhere.” That is blatantly false. Tiller’s death camp is closed, his late-term baby-killing shoes stand empty.
To further vilify him, Mr. Cunningham enlists Mr. Roeder’s x-wife. “He is a crazy in the head!” she claims. Over half of America’s marriages end in bitter divorce; few have a kind word to say about their “X.” There is no claim before the court of insanity. In my opinion, Mr. Roeder is more rational than Mr. Cunningham!
Mr. Cunningham must agree that those who harbored slaves were justified as well as those who hid Jews from the Nazis. Why else would Mr. Cunningham display these atrocities along with pictures of abortion? Are we not justified in using deadly force to protect the lives of concentration victims and slaves? Was that not the moral pretense for our Civil War? What was the Nuremburg Trial about?
What a disgrace it is for me and Mr. Cunningham to offer such pathetically weak assistance to these children because I am selfish and fearful, or he is worried about his precious reputation! Mr. Cunningham thinks public opinion more important than the lives of these children! I admit to my lack of love toward God and man, I do not try to make virtue out of it. I do not try to justify myself by condemning those who have more love and more virtue than I. My hat is off to Mr. Scott Roeder for playing the man. Mr. Roeder sacrificed his own life so that Monday’s children might live. Mr. Cunningham wants to punish Mr. Roeder far more than the perverted laws of our land. He calls Mr. Roeder “stupid” and “insane.”
But Mr. Roeder is consistent in his thoughts, words, actions, which is something Mr. Cunningham lacks.
Should we congratulate Mr. Cunningham for making a weak, half-hearted effort toward saving blacks from lynching, or defending the victims of concentration camps? Is it appropriate to merely hold a sign and insist others do the same while people are being killed? Mr. Cunningham seems content to wait another 37 years, and waste another 50 million lives.
Mr. Cunningham is a hand-wringing pro-life extremist fretting over the death of ONE stinking abortionist. We celebrate George Tiller’s death at the Holman house! Have a glass of wine Mr. Cunningham and chill out.

Cal sends another attack on the Catholic Church:

John, To the uninformed, the ruling of the Ireland Supreme Court that human embryos are not "unborn children" might seem dumbfounding. But for those of us who know the tricks of the Catholic Church, and what its leaders do politically behind the scenes, it is not so surprising at all.
As the Church writes in its "Final Statement" on the "Human Embryo in the Pre-Implantation Phase" in 2006: <>
So the Irish decision is actually in keeping with the legislative model demanded by the Church! Why would the Church single out human children in pre-implantation development for such bigotry and abuse? The answer explains the Church's true opposition to in vitro fertilization, which was at the heart of the Irish court's decision.
Imagine you are a faithful Catholic couple. The priest is a family friend. You have been trying to conceive for years without success. But now thanks to in vitro fertilization, you have a baby, inside a petri dish. You are proud parents.

Part 1: You call your priest, "Father, come see the baby!" You put your priest to use, "Father, bless the baby!" No problem there. Blessing children has been big business for the Church for centuries.
Part 2: It is time to transfer the baby to the uterus. There are worries about this, so you call the priest. The priest performs a ceremony asking God to make sure the baby and mother are safe and all goes well. Again, no problem. Helping the family overcome the anxieties of life has been big business for the Church for centuries.
But now comes Part 3: After the baby is transferred, the mother begins to menstruate. What do we know about this? It is not ordinary menstruation; it contains the baby who was transferred, in other words, a miscarriage or spontaneous abortion. Under the Catholic Church's Code of Canon Law, Can. 871 specifies, "If aborted fetuses are alive, they are to be baptized insofar as possible."

The Catholic definition of "abortion" includes "the killing of the fetus in whatever way or at whatever time from the moment of conception" (The Pontifical Commission for the Authentic Interpretation of the Code of Canon Law, Response of 23 May 1988: AAS 80 [1988], 1818).
That would imply that children miscarried after transfer by in vitro fertilization, as evidenced by the woman's menstrual blood, would have to be baptized under Canon Law. But the Church desperately wants to avoid, tooth-and-nail, what could be an embarrassing controversy over baptizing menstruation. So the only way the Church could find to avert the problem was 1) to throw so much fire and brimstone at in vitro fertilization that no faithful Catholic would ever dare to ask the priest to come and bless the baby in the Petri dish in the first place, and 2) to make sure legal, medical, and scientific authorities deny both the person status and even the individuality of children in the pre-implantation phase.

Why does the Church single out the pre-implantation phase for this abuse? It is because after the pre-implantation phase (i.e., once implantation has been successful) we are past the point of menstruation, and so a miscarriage will no longer be identified as menstruation, and thus the Church at that point no longer has to worry about the menstrual baptism controversy.

That “final statement” Cal sends does seem to indicate that the Church waffles on whether to call someone who’s yet to attach herself to the uterine wall a person, but that just might mean that the statement is poorly written. The Church does consider her a person, a person more precious, even, than you or I. The Church also teaches that in-vitro fertilization is an abomination; so, the rest of Cal’s email confuses me.

Reporters relate and Tobra versifies:

Man Ransacks Church on Christmas

DAYTON, Ohio -- A man broke into the St. Timothy Baptist Church on Free Pike and damaged church property around 2 p.m. Friday, Dayton police said.
Instead of enjoying the holiday with friends and family, church workers spent their Christmas cleaning up broken tables, chairs and chandeliers allegedly left by Matthew Philips, 42.
After destroying the church's furniture, Philips went into the church kitchen and spilled food and drink, police said.
Police said officers arrived with a K-9 unit and found Philips hiding in a basement closet.
Philips was arrested and and is being held in the Montgomery County Jail.

Rev Lee Roy's Ain't It Strange

The cops arrest a guy for trashing a church
But don't arrest folks for killing babies
In fact cops will arrest men & women
That are rescuing babies from being killed by abortion workers

Why is that?

The pastor of this church and most churches
Fail to remind their paying customers they are
Required to stop innocent folks from being killed

Well ya'll
There ain't much money in resistance work
And there is a whole lot of persecution
Which would render this baptist pastor
Towards destitutionville
Were he to act like abortion is murder
And teach others to do so

Mr. Trasher, whatever your motives are for trashing this church
We would just like to let you know
The church was probably trash
Before you entered

Here’s more of Eric Rudolph’s long third chapter, “The Debate,” of his book, Abortion, the Irrepressible Conflict:

In the aftermath of the First World War and the failed uprisings, Marxist thinkers like Georg Lukács (1885-1971) and Antonio Gramsci (1891-1937) tried to explain why the revolution in the West had failed and the revolution in Russia had succeeded. Lukács History and Class Consciousness (1923) and Gramsci's Letters From Prison (published posthumously, 1947) were scathing critiques of Revolutionary Socialism. Marx was wrong, they said. World revolution is not inevitable. Marxism is only a political instrument not a prophecy. The revolutionaries were wrong in thinking that once they had seized the structures of society the people would welcome socialism with open arms. Most societies outside the West like Russia are primitive and consist of a small elite that uses brute force to impose its will on an uneducated mass, said Lukács and Gramsci. It was relatively easy for the Bolsheviks to replace the Russian elite and impose their will because the mass had been taught through the centuries that he who holds the whip and the gun rules. But that kind of power has shallow roots. Not having the "class consciousness" of a true proletarian, the Russian peasant will come to see the Bolsheviks as the latest tyrants in a long line of tyrants. And to stay in power the Bolsheviks will have to resort to terror and coercion. Sincere belief in socialism will remain the possession of a small elite. When that elite disappears, socialism will disappear from Russia overnight. Nor will socialism come to the West in the manner Marx had predicted, said Lukács and Gramsci. The problem in the West is even more formidable than in Russia. Unlike Russia, the state in the West rests on civil society not on brute force. There is a long tradition of consent, of participation and constitutionalism that goes back as far as the Middle Ages (Magna Carta). A government's legitimacy depends on the consent of a vast educated middle class, holding certain opinions, beliefs and assumptions about proper authority. Marxism can not be imposed from the top down, they said. The people will resist. The structures of the existing societies rest upon an accepted cultural-religious-moral worldview that has taken centuries to evolve. Getting rid of it overnight will not be possible. Socialists have to first undermine and dismantle and then replace this worldview from the bottom up before the people will accept socialism. The primary enemies are the family, Christianity, nationalism, patriotism, hierarchy, and traditional morality. So instead of storming the ramparts of power with a gun in hand, said Lukács and Gramsci, cultural Marxists should infiltrate the institutions of society and gradually erode the cultural-religious-moral underpinnings of the West by promoting free love, feminism, homosexuality, atheism, pacifism and multiculturalism.
To teach this strain of cultural Marxism Lukács and the German Communist Party founded the Institute of Social Research at Frankfurt University in 1923. Its founders consciously modeled the school on the Marx-Engels Institute in Moscow. Hitler took power in 1933, and as most of the school’s leading lights were Jewish and Marxist, they took a ship for America and reconstituted the school with the help of Columbia University. By then they had dropped “Marxism” from the name of the school and started calling it simply the Frankfurt School. Through Frankfurt School thinkers like Max Horkheimer, Theodor Adorno, Wilhelm Reich and Herbert Marcuse this strain of cultural Marxism would play a prominent role in shaping the counterculture and New Left movements of the 1960s, the radical feminist and homosexual movements of the 1970s, and the environmental and multicultural movements of today. The concept of political correctness is derived from the Frankfurt School’s Studies in Prejudice program. The fact that most Americans now accept the moral authority of political correctness is a testament to the success of cultural Marxism.
Critical Theory is another invention of the Frankfurt School. Critical Theory adopts the pretense that Western Civilization is suffering from a form of mental illness, which has caused it to commit crimes against humanity. To affect a cure and pay for its crimes, the West must undergo collective psychotherapy and pay restitution to its many victims. Authority, the family, hierarchy, sexual morality, loyalty, patriotism, capitalism, nationalism, ethnocentrism, conservatism — are all symptoms of the illness. But the number one symptom is traditional Christianity. According to Theodor Adorno's book The Authoritarian Personality the traditional family and the Christian ethic are the breeding grounds of fascism. In every traditional Christian household is a potential Hitler, said Adorno. And the so-called great men of Western history — Augustine, Charlemagne, Luther, Columbus, Washington — were sexually repressed perverts and criminals, said Wilhelm Reich. Years ago we were taught that Western Culture has offered people more freedom and opportunity than any other culture. But actually the West is history's greatest repository of oppression, greed, racism, sexism, homophobia, and anti-Semitism, said Herbert Marcuse.
The Frankfurt School focused its efforts on introducing Critical Theory into America's education system. They were very successful. Back in the 1950s and 1960s their ideas were highly influential at the major teachers colleges. And today many history, sociology and psychology textbooks contain Critical Theory. Pick up any American history textbook and you are likely to find the theory: The European stole the land from the Indian; The European killed all the buffalo; the European enslaved the beautiful black man and invented Jim Crow; the European conquered the loving peoples of the world to create his empires; the European invented capitalism to oppress the workers; the European destroyed the environment with his industrialism; and on and on.
In keeping with Marxist dogma, Critical Theory denies individual responsibility. We are only members of classes. And there are only two classes at any given time in history: the oppressor class and the oppressed class. European Americans are all members of the oppressor class. The object of Critical Theory is to deconstruct the average Westerner's world view and induce a guilt complex. Continually bombarded with these accusations, the subject begins to believe that he shares collective responsibility for the supposed "crimes" of his ancestors. And if he is "guilty," then, of course, he must pay restitution for the sins of his class. The complex is called "White Guilt." The only remedy for it is to support all the demands of the socialist agenda. (tbc)

Here is Shelley’s Christmas letter that I promised you. This transcription does little justice to the beauty of it – the design, the drawings:

Merry Christmas! Luke 2:11 2009

Greetings, John, May God bless you with a special joy this Christmas season.
I hope it was a great year for you. Mine was certainly exciting, getting to transfer to MN, working in horticulture here, and having email for the first time. The Internet was just beginning to catch on when I got arrested 16 years and some months ago. It’s fun, and what a blessing to get mail even on weekends and holidays, any time of day!
This prison is much better than Dublin! My job/class in horticulture has been great. I’ve learned a lot about plants, greenhouses, bugs, and dirt! Imagine being outside in beautiful flower beds listening to birds and breathing fresh air while in prison! At first it was overwhelming to be around all of the bright, pretty flowers with heavenly scents. It still inspires thankfulness and joy, though mainly indoors now. We have many flowers that we dried, which we can make wreaths and other things out of. We have plenty of bookwork too, and much to do inside the five greenhouses.
I hope everything is going very well for you and your loved ones.
May our wonderful Lord and Savior, Jesus, greatly bless you now and always. I love you, Shelley

I hope 2010 is a great year for you & yours, God is Good!
He was born, lived, died, arose, and now lives and reigns forever

And here is Clay’s wonderful last year summary and new-year anticipation:

2010 - A New Year...A blank page on which to write my fate!
It is with high hopes that I enter this new year. Last year was okay, but 2009 ended with a few positive developments that I see bearing fruit in 2010.
The most significant is the completion of "Genius," a 487 page novel. I have also just transferred the stalled revision of "Fighting the Great American Holocaust" to Mary. My wife also managed to salvage a novel I had nearly completed more than a decade ago, "Dawn Like Thunder," which I will rework as a second book of "Genius."
At the prison I have designed a program which is now dubbed "Weight Watcher's for Cons." It begins January 10 and there are high expectations within our overweight population here.

Genius Completion
Becky (daughter) and Colt (son) are now scanning my typed manuscript pages into Microsoft Word. They will then print three copies. I'll get a copy and each of them will as well. All of us will give it a through read and edit. The manuscript is in pretty good shape so I'm not expecting too much in the way of edits and revisions. Becky and Colt have promised delivery to me by the second week in January. I would expect the read/edits will take two weeks. By February we should have a completed manuscript ready to present to publishers. Selling a novel is no small thing, but I am pleased with the work and have high expectations.

Revision of "Fighting The Great American Holocaust"
I completed this book in 2003 and it was published in the same year. Two years ago I was contacted by Dr. Donald Smith (Producer of "The Silent Scream") and encouraged to do a rewrite and revision. I was not real big on this at first but his logic prevailed so I undertook the project. I completed it early last year, but Dr. Smith has been greatly hampered by other projects so mine stalled. Mid December 2009, Mary (my wife) told me she was tired of waiting and asked that she be able to assume control of the project. I readily agreed as did Dr. Smith. So now Mary and Clay jr. are doing the computer and I am confident we will see this revised and rewritten book in print this year.

"Dawn Like Thunder"
This was a novel I was working on from 1993 through 1997. It contained a well-developed espionage plot that imploded when mega-author Tom Clancy released "Debt of Honor." Clancy's novel was so near mine in the overall plot that mine could only be viewed as a copy cat. Without even considering reworking "Dawn Like Thunder" to a new theme — namely a different evil enemy nation — I gave up on the work and threw it in the trash. Unknown to me until recently, Mary pulled it out of the trash and kept it safe through all of the turmoil that has been our life from then until now. I worked the ending of "Genius" to include the key characters and theme of "Dawn Like Thunder" in such a way that "Dawn Like Thunder" will be the second book in the series. "Dawn Like Thunder" will now have the same bad guy as "Genius," the evil Saudi Arabian King. Considering that I had written all but the last forty pages of "Genius" when Mary told me she had the old manuscript, the two stories melded together amazingly well.

Weight Watchers for Cons
In August of 2009 I was shocked to see my body weight reach 250 pounds. At 6'1", I'm a big guy, the kind that can handle a lot of weight, but 250 pounds was far too much.
Determined to lose my double chin and third trimester gut, I went on a diet. Dieting in prison is different than it is on the street. For one thing we have access to a very limited number of food types, and few of them are healthy. We have a store in which we can purchase healthy foods like tuna and oatmeal, but it is too expensive for my limited budget. But I was determined so I researched the subject and designed a plan that I felt would work within the restrictions of my new world. There were numerous difficulties and a great many learning experiences, but in the end I came up with a viable weight loss system and lost 25 pounds in sixty days.
Others noticed my success and wanted to know how I did it. In explaining to other inmates how I lost weight I was forced to outline the plan. It soon evolved into a regular Institutional Class, which begins January 10 with twelve overweight convicts. Each is 30 pounds or more overweight and each is excited about the program. A recreation staff member is now supervising the program with myself as the instructor of the twelve initial participants. The course is so well developed at this point, and the excitement so high, that we are already considering the possibility that it can be used across the entire federal-prison system for inmate weight loss. I'll take full advantage of the course as I teach it with a personal goal of dropping to 190 pounds.

Liberty Tree Movement
It was fourteen months ago that I first conceived the idea of the Liberty Tree Movement. It was an idea born out of a belief that our political system was broken and in need of repair. In the past year a majority of Americans have come to feel the same way, though the solution seems elusive. I still believe the changes proposed by the Liberty Tree Movement represent the foundation for the changes America needs. I have had a difficult time developing the infrastructure necessary to allow the Liberty Tree Movement to become a nationally recognized organization, but plan to invest time into the project with hopes of seeing it blossom.

My Artistic Side
I didn't spend much time painting in 2009 and I doubt that I will do much in 2010. I will paint enough to stay in practice, but little more. I love to paint, but even in prison the hours of the day are limited, forcing me to decide what is most important. I tried to aid my family financially with my art work and failed, so I'll focus on writing, which I believe is more productive.

--I worked very hard last year on several large and difficult projects:
1) the novel "Genius"
2) the revision of "Fighting the Great American Holocaust"
3.) the Liberty Tree Movement

Last year I poured the hours into these three projects but saw no return. More work is required on all these projects, but very little. In 2010 I hope to reap the rewards of last year’s labor. I even expect to complete the novel "Dawn Like Thunder," which will be reaping the rewards of work that started in the early 90's. I see 2010 as a rewarding and fulfilling year. I look forward to it with great anticipation.
Clay Waagner January 1, 2010 Lewisburg Federal Penitentiary

Jimbo’s “Shade Tree Horror Stories” cont. from No. 10:

Anyway, the scaffold, loblolly pine, (smelled and hefted like the GA stuff) and double-headed nails, did fine up to that point because it was put up there by David, your man from “Down-Island,” in his case, Nevis.
When I think of that lovely Lesser Antilles archipelago, and how Nevis if farther south than the Virgin Islands, it makes me think of a tree. A tree makes me think of the other shade-tree story I heard of a man who starts his saw on the ground, climbs the tree, and then pulls up the running saw with a rope. Now there’s a smart guy, an amateur who knew his limitations. But maybe we can get into saws, and pre-mixed fuel, and two-cycle-engines a little later . . . back to our lovely Caribbean scaffold?
No one ever blamed David of Nevis for that scaffold coming down. As well to blame the stone-mason’s apprentices who loaded up all the blocks, you see, and no one blamed them either, because . . . well, because you need to know a little bit more about Mr. William. He spoke English better than Shakespeare’s editor, William did, and his language was constantly and pleasantly peppered with “If you would be so kind,” and “At your earliest convenience.” (Straw bosses never talk like this.) And any time in the course of the day, when tradesman or laborer would have to make any one of the million or so little decisions as to whether to do it this way or that way, or whether to cut a corner or not, William would respond with “Well, in any event, this house will still be standing on the Great Judgment Day of Our Lord @ Savior Jesus Christ, so . . .” and that, my friend, would be the end of the discussion, because not the Pyramids in Egypt, and the Taj Mahal, nor even Xanadu’s Mighty Pleasure dome had solid granite, stones, reinforcing steel and Portland cement. And all for some unworthy millionaire guy. Humph.
William loved that house. It was his legacy. To the end of his days, I bet he would take his children and his grandchildren down to the bay and turn them back toward the volcano, and point and say, There. See that? Your daddy built that house with his own hands. Tell your grandchildren because it will still be there.
That house was his legacy, the legacy of a man who might otherwise be just another name in the tides of history. It was also his legacy to his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. And it was also William’s legacy to work. (tbc)

As I transcribe, this sounds familiar. Did I post it before?

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